The transition to CKWAL and the alienation that has been going on along with it as well as the newfound lands is quite unbelievable.  I would think from many others’ perspectives; maybe not though.  I guess CKWAL is seemingly so young that what is left of SK wants to merge ideas, the world wants to quickly corrupt and misunderstand and having to go through all that again is well… Level: difficult.  Recently travelled without much to show in the visual sense as the trip was turned out to be something quite different.  The new music is on hold, but with so much stuff happening out there this year there doesn’t seem to be much need for it yet.  This site may stay as is for an archive.  Some new concept has been raging with a domain of it’s own.  Will CKWAL survive?  Will we be web-bound is the question and how does it translate in this world?

Recovered post with unknown date:

The artist has been in limbo, departed somehow and making rhythms and sound upgrades, filing space to be determine.  There is still an alternate dimension in which the original is existing, but communication is limited to unavailable.  The journey isn’t always pleasant however the technology has allowed contact with the most of what was available before, in certain realms. New items have been made accessible although some are poison and should not be taken.  Most of these poisons however are not deadly.  Many discoveries are not allowed to be communicated through this channel or any as far as we know.  If you see minimalism taking hold here, it is because there is the usual high chance for static, line-crossing and mistranslation.  New languages are being invented instead of what some may be used to because of the new security protocols as well as species.  Please don’t be discouraged.
End transmission.

Additional recovered pictures: