Monday January 9th 659

document vendor=”Native Instruments” type=”tracklist”

1. track name=”Choose Me II” artist=”Xilent” guid=”7ABA3AF85F229D43″ starttime=”3″

2. track name=”Reborn” artist=”Xilent” guid=”5E6086422E9693A7″ starttime=”262″

3. track name=”Midnight Dancers (Mix Cut)” artist=”Julian Jordan” guid=”3DD918643C5E6D05″ starttime=”460″

4. track name=”Skinny Pigs (feat. Protohype & LUMBERJVCK)” artist=”12th Planet” guid=”7C48514ED8DF2081″ starttime=”665″

5. track name=”Do You Rock?” artist=”TC” guid=”281EAC0405BA88FD” starttime=”875″

6. track name=”Spoken (feat. Rocky Nti)” artist=”Etherwood” guid=”281EAC0405BA89E1″ starttime=”1119″

7. track name=”Chemicals (feat. Thomas Troelsen)” artist=”Tiësto & Don Diablo” guid=”281EAC0405BA8E00″ starttime=”1462″

8. track name=”Melody” artist=”Oliver Heldens” guid=”1F0CBEE8060136AB” starttime=”1725″

9. track name=”Adrenaline” artist=”Zedd & Grey” guid=”274CF657C1AE34F8″ starttime=”1987″

10. track name=”The Girl from Ipanema (feat. Deborah Cox) [Dan De Leon Carnaval Reconstruction]” artist=”Ana Paula” guid=”1F0F085C6BCF5747″ starttime=”2144″

11. track name=”The Riddle (Extended Mix)” artist=”David Gravell” guid=”6F7E61D10A3C6EBC” starttime=”2508″

12 track name=”The Unforgiven II” artist=”Metallica” guid=”2294E1FDF01D5913″ starttime=”2782″

13. track name=”휘파람 WHISTLE” artist=”BLACKPINK” guid=”55BD6018798C5D96″ starttime=”3169″

Part II

Saturday 25th March 2017, 21:57

1. Secret Stash – Mike Mago & Dragonette
2. Molino – Mark Johns
3. The Troubles – U2
4. Run Away – Feki
5. Ni**as in Paris – Kanye West & JAY Z
6. Amor Prohibido (feat. Sean Paul & Konshens) – Nicky Jam
7. Automation – Robotaki
8. Generate – Eric Prydz
9. Brain Went Ping – Michael Woods vs. Bullet – Danny Howard
10. Heart Weighs a Ton (feat. Stefan Storm) [Galantis vs. Alex Metric]
11. nowhere – Josh Pan & X&G
12. Pura – Trinix

Special thanks to the public library in North Platte, Nebraska and The Connection (homeless shelter).

CKWAL is Official

This just received.  It took almost a year (if you are curious).  These track orders are off though, but it is possible to submit a two disc project. Not sure what this order is, maybe they are making their own mixes. See this post for the actual album.

UCS2017006 (Fire Rooster Mix)

1. Firebird – Galantis
2. Adiós – Ricky Martin
3. Rise Up – Filterheadz
4. Premium – Hollen
5. Best Night OML (feat. JB) [Dolly Rockers Remix]
6. Projection – Dosem
7. In White Rooms (Jonas Rathsman Reprise) – Booka Shade
8. Driving Seat – Felon
9. Drifiting Away (feat. Ofelia K) – Felix Cartal
10. Speed of Love – Owl City
11. Adrenaline – Zedd & Grey
12. Receiver – Tycho
13. Pump Up the Jam – Technotronic
14. Back of the Car – Miike Snow
15. Riverside – Carmine Rafael Faro

Some tracks discovered on Traxsource (A great place to discover music).
Online conversion made possible by cloudconvert.

Special thanks to the public library in North Platte, Nebraska and The Connection (homeless shelter).


Friday January 20th 1645

document vendor=”Native Instruments” type=”tracklist”

track name=”Firebird” artist=”Galantis” guid=”281EAC0405BA8D08″ starttime=”1″
track name=”Adiós” artist=”Ricky Martin” guid=”4B6489FC37AACD43″ starttime=”230″
track name=”Rise Up” artist=”Filterheadz” guid=”350A736E2B496029″ starttime=”449″
track name=”Premium” artist=”Hollen” guid=”5B2DFA7D9961C054″ starttime=”798″
track name=”Best Night OML (feat. JB) [Dolly Rockers Remix]” artist=”Charlie Hedges” guid=”1D6F9AE021EF8A03″ starttime=”1133″
track name=”Projection” artist=”Dosem” guid=”7815E3EADD084D9D” starttime=”1392″
track name=”In White Rooms (Jonas Rathsman Reprise)” artist=”Booka Shade” guid=”44ED7BE5CCFD50D5″ starttime=”1702″
track name=”Driving Seat” artist=”Felon” guid=”15F99A7634F099E4″ starttime=”2047″
track name=”Drifting Away (feat. Ofelia K)” artist=”Felix Cartal” guid=”596D5C90FAF5E1EF” starttime=”2344″
track name=”Speed of Love” artist=”Owl City” guid=”0FC9F392E2AC4B89″ starttime=”2525″
track name=”Adrenaline” artist=”Zedd & Grey” guid=”274CF657C1AE34F8″ starttime=”2707″
track name=”Receiver” artist=”Tycho” guid=”00E8B19B569462EB” starttime=”2870″
track name=”Pump Up the Jam” artist=”Technotronic” guid=”281EAC0405BA8806″ starttime=”3060″
track name=”Back of the Car” artist=”Miike Snow” guid=”281EAC0405BA8E74″ starttime=”3353″
track name=”Riverside” artist=”Carmine Rafael Faro” guid=”25F04E83508EF8BF” starttime=”3555″

Happy Chinese New Year ‘Year of the Fire Rooster’

CKWAL UCS2017005

1. Energy – Drake
2. Ice (feat. Kylan Road) – Pablo Nouvelle
3. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow
4. I Know U (KRNE Remix) – Keys N Krates
5. West Coast – Lana Del Rey
6. They Answered Back (Jhonsson Remix) – Ben Remember
7. Anymore – Goldfrapp
8. Good Life (feat. Ida Corr) – Oliver Heldens
9. Hijos De La Tierra – Rafa Barrios
10. Flow – Filterheadz
11. Profondo – Alesso
12. Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) – Disclosure
13. Moving On and Getting Over – John Mayer

Upper candidate series…

Try this at home. Mixes cannot be published due to lack of licensing responses.
Track links on the way.

Sunday 12th February 2017, 1529

“Energy” artist=”Drake” starttime=”3″
“Ice (feat. Kylan Road)” artist=”Pablo Nouvelle” starttime=”175″
“Genghis Khan” artist=”Miike Snow” starttime=”338″
“I Know U (KRNE Remix)” artist=”Keys N Krates” starttime=”516″
“West Coast” artist=”Lana Del Rey” starttime=”748″
“They Answered Back (Jhonsson Remix)” artist=”Ben Remember” starttime=”959″
“Anymore” artist=”Goldfrapp” starttime=”1306″
“Good Life (feat. Ida Corr)” artist=”Oliver Heldens” starttime=”1524″
“Hijos De La Tierra” artist=”Rafa Barrios” starttime=”1666″
“Flow” artist=”Filterheadz” starttime=”2119″
“Profondo” artist=”Alesso” starttime=”2487″
“Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)” artist=”Disclosure” starttime=”2626″
“Moving On and Getting Over” artist=”John Mayer” starttime=”2869″