CKWAL MIX 2017012 Alternate Version

Alright, cross your fingers and heart. iPad is crashing and I’m running out of music etc., but never mind that. Here is the latest 012 AV. No more until the 4th of July. Next to the artist is their Instagram instead of purchase link as most are on the other two posts.


Forget – Marina and The Diamonds IN
Sudden jump to…
Between II Worlds – Nero IN
Sound Off – Moska IN
Halfway to the Moon – Phish IN
Devotion to a Dream – Phish INTREY
Happy – Marina and The Diamonds
Lampshades On Fire – Modest Mouse IN
Cry Wolf – a-ha
Wolf Bite – Owl City IN
Congratulations (feat. Quavo) – Post Malone IN
Rollin (feat. Future & Khalid) – Calvin Harris (EXPLICIT) Fast Version @110BPM INCALVIN INFUTURE INKHALID
Wasted – Nero INALANA
Manhattan Skyline – a-ha
This Isn’t the End – Owl City
Never Say Goodbye (feat. Bright Lights) – Hardwell & Dyro INHARDWELL INDYRO INBRIGHTLIGHTS
Wingsuit – Phish INMIKEGORDON IN
Touch It – Ariana Grande INAG
Ready – Joey Bada$$ IN
Sing Me to Sleep (Instrumental) – Alan Walker IN
I Don’t Want You to Forget – Jars of Clay IN
What If You Were Wrong (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams IN
Why Did They Leave You Alone (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams
Changing – John Mayer IN

CKWAL MIX 2017012

Hmm. Made another attempt last night and spent about 12 hours in a spiritual war after a decent day. It’s got some transitions to die for, but it’s a little too much for a list. So far it’s been like days of nightmares alternated by dream days. I am calling this a Good Samaritan mix dedicated to Catholicism, my guiding denomination since about late September/October 2016. Although I’m not moving per say, seems like some have requested this asap.

On another note: I donated blood for the first time this year and found out where it went finally and I’d have to recommend doing it when you can, unless you have to do some real heavy manual labor for a few days after.

Friday 23rd June 2017, 21:51

Polaris – deadmau5
The Sign – Ace of Base
Ready – Joey Bada$$ (EXPLICIT)
Sing Me to Sleep (Instrumental) – Alan Walker
Russian Farmer Song – Keane
Let Me Help You (Instrumental) – 12th Planet
Dark Skies – Nero
Manhattan Skyline – a-ha This single from EP version no longer available on iTunes
What If You Were Wrong (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams
Touch It – Ariana Grande
Lords (feat. UFO!) – Bro Safari
Rollin (feat. Future & Khalid) – Calvin Harris (EXPLICIT)
Wicked Campaign – Modest Mouse
Crossing Borders (Mathias Kaden’s Another Side Remix)[feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner] – Booka Shade
4000Hz (Gully Goose Club Mix) – Jaded
Can You Dig It (Matteo DiMarr Remix) – CamelPhat
Congratulations (feat. Quavo) – Post Malone (CLEAN VERSION)
Changing – John Mayer


So far I’ve made two longer mixes. They are difficult to listen to in one sitting. Both are similar in many of the tracks old and new (like the next top model), but as they are more difficult to make successfully without flaw it is going straight to UNP04.

A candidate for #12 ends with ‘Changing’ by John Mayer and as we are still on break, keeping the 11’s as the background/focus; Ckwal stays there. This mix (UNP04), I hit sync a couple times and it matched up to the high hat. This flaw and a controversial interruption of a slow version of ‘Rollin’ early with ‘Build the Cites’. This could be a cool technique, but it isn’t perfected yet, so this amazing nearly 1.5 hour mix is not able to be #12.

So, here is the new UNP. The previously scheduled UNP04 is actually main mix worthy because it doesn’t have any mistakes like this, but it is staying scheduled at the stroke of midnight on July 4th, 2017 (Independence Day in the U.S.). Obviously, it will be called UNP05, because it was a candidate earlier in the year that was never published or mainstreamed.

By the way, we just passed one week in and around our new base after our ‘Firestone’ (which I think is a mistake if you listen closely). Heading Westward…

Sunday 25th June 2017, 21:26

Team – Local H
Two Minds – Nero
Forget – Marina and The Diamonds
2Night – Eric Prydz
blend mash to…
Can You Dig It (Matteo DiMarr Remix) – CamelPhat
We Come 1 2.0 (Armin Van Buuren Remix) – Faithless
Unstoppable (Extended Mix) – Afrojack
Next Level (Nicky Romero Edit) – John Christian
Worst Behavior – Drake (CLEAN VERSION)
The Line – Phish
Strangers to Ourselves – Modest Mouse
Touch It – Ariana Grande
Ready – Joey Bada$$ (EXPLICIT)
blended loop mash using…
Sing Me to Sleep (Instrumental) – Alan Walker
I Don’t Want You to Forget – Jars of Clay
What If you Were Wrong (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams
Why Did They Leave You Alone (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams
Summer Sixteen – Drake (CLEAN VERSION)
Rollin (feat. Future & Khalid) – Calvin Harris (SAYS EXPLICIT ONLY)
(at 71 BPM and cut over/looped with an interruption by…)
Build the Cities (Grabbitz Remix) – Karma Fields
What Does Love Mean – Nero
Russian Farmer Song – Keane
Coast To Coast (Early Version) – Elliott Smith


Dear Online readers,

The first CKWAL MIX 2017012 Candidate is finished. It was a tough blend of styles and I can’t wait to share it with you. It will probably the twelfth Official mix of the year. I don’t really want to move on from 011! One because I’m worried about being able to get more music and also because I relieved to be where it finally took me. To top that off, I was barely able to stay Vegan. Tougher than you would think. Anyways, it will be a year near the end of the summer and that is something I thought I’d never say in my life and definitely not for that long. When the budget gets tough and your trying to buy tunes for two or more mixes a month and juggle a really strict diet of course there is help out there, but not if you are really picky. I will also be sorting through these Unpublished Mixes and trying to get this album master out before the end of the year. The one I have up is good, but the newest one was worth the wait for this kind of music.

Having fun out in the sun.


I am posting this unpublished mix early to help honor Fathers’ Day. To my father and parents’ fathers (some not here to share this with us in person).

In other news… the Ckwal LP has received a final master for iTunes by Darkart Mastering. However, Ckwal is moving this week, so it will be some time before I can publish CKWAL on the store.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017, 1120

document vendor=”Native Instruments” type=”tracklist”
track name=“Revolution (Extended Mix)” artist=“Rivero” guid=”281EAC0405BA8F06″ starttime=”1″
track name=“Pilot (Mix Cut)” artist=“Julian Jordan” guid=”3DD918643C5E6D03″ starttime=”245″
track name=“Adrenaline” artist=“Zedd & Grey” guid=”274CF657C1AE34F8″ starttime=”399″
track name=“My Way (Tiësto Remix)” artist=“Calvin Harris” guid=”0B762122A23E9D78″ starttime=”558″
track name=“Shy (feat. Brayton Bowman) [CID Remix]” artist=“The Magician” guid=”281EAC0405BA8FC1″ starttime=”750″
track name=“Bailar (feat. Pitbull & Elvis Crespo)” artist=“Deorro” guid=”1EDDEF55BB4F0D43″ starttime=”948″
track name=“Make It Happen (feat. Lawson) [David Gravell Remix]” artist=“Gareth Emery” guid=”6AA96282B41A5A5C” starttime=”1096″
track name=“Anthem” artist=“Sluggers” guid=”0BB4A1A865D9A397″ starttime=”1341″
track name=“Shaker” artist=“Ben Remember” guid=”7815E3EADD084D9C” starttime=”1557″ Traxsource Link
track name=“La disquette” artist=“Lumoon & Rob!n” guid=”615EE2EAD0F29560″ starttime=”1992″
track name=“Get Sick” artist=“CamelPhat” guid=”7D7B11317EBCF41B” starttime=”2225″ This version is no longer on iTunes, but Beatport
track name=“Nighthawk (Dosem Remix)” artist=“Mat.Joe” guid=”457D60C45D8ED2E0″ starttime=”2440″ Traxsource Link
track name=“Cruiser (feat. Alex Sonata) [Bonus Track]” artist=“Gareth Emery” guid=”281EAC0405BA8F04″ starttime=”2701″
track name=“Self Sufficient” artist=“Gëinst” guid=”580F1F54EDD70D88″ starttime=”2830″ Traxsource Link
track name=“Straightjacket” artist=“Quinn XCII” guid=”7192F9A55F9D025D” starttime=”3272″


When you click on one of these iTunes links look for the track highlighted in blue for the one I am linking to. The one with the star next to it is one Apple suggests for whatever reason.

I compiled many links for some of the key posts below on PromoDJ for some super-quick reference.

I think we are moving the base of our operation before the end of the month, but more regular updates are of course.

Are you here yet?

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The next two of the Unpublished Mixes are scheduled as follows.

June 20th (Midnight of the 19th CST or 19:00 UTC)
July 4th (Midnight of the 3rd CST or 19:00 UTC)

CKWAL MIX 2017012
Not yet attempted.

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Thursday 27th october 2016, 2227

THE ORIGINAL Pacific Garden Mission (PGM) MIX

Starboy – The Weeknd
Gemini Feed – BANKS
Taped Up Heart (feat. Clara Mae) – KREAM
Static – Cazzette
With You (feat. Bex) – Jon Johnson
Make Up Your Mind – Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso
Mirage (feat. Susana) [Martijn ten Velden Remix] – Armin van Buuren
Shy (feat. Brayton Bowman) [Roisto Remix] – The Magician
4000Hz (Dutty Dove Club Mix) – Jaded
Korolev – Rimsky
Crank – Jewelz & Sparks (Original mix unpurchasable on iTunes)
Revolution – Rivero
Hype (Flosstradamus Remix) – Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris
Vampires – Ryan Adams
See – Tycho

CKWAL MIX 2017011 Encore Remade

Friday 9th June 2017, 23:31

Vibration – Sophia Black 74.0
Sway (ft. Nevve) – Syn Cole 72.5
2U (feat. Justin Beiber) – David Guetta 72.5
Stay Awake (YehMe2 Remix) – Anna Lunoe & Sleepy Tom 70.0
Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling) – Owl City 68.0
Change Your Mind (Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 1) – Ryan Adams 79.2
Plot Twist – Sigrid 88.0
Prom Night (Lindsay Lowend Remix) – Anamanaguchi 90.0
Digital Lion – James Blake 90.0
Dissolve Me – atl-J 108.0
Skin of the Night – M83 120.0
Run Things – BURNS 126.0
Another Life (feat. Delaney Jane) [Extended Mix] – StadiumX, Baha & Markquis 127.0
Parallel Lines (feat. CATZE) – Jewelz & Sparks 118.0
Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell) – Kygo 114.0 (Original cover artwork unavailable).

Artist Social Quick Links II

Quick Links for key mixers continued…
Plus the new tradition of the +2.

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