Dedicated Mix #1

Here is the post I was talking about in the 37 days of July. Well, it’s August somewhere today. I hadn’t checked on these trouble- makers until recently to figure out tracks to put in the mixes and I don’t recommend getting hooked unless you want your life shaken up. They were great company in my CDL school which I may never use, but there were pictures of Virginia with a Peterbilt that put me over the edge around the same time as my road trip down to New Orleans and back to Chicagoland before the Gold Rush westward in search of a new home. See her online profile here.

This isn’t the freshest mix, but I brought in a few of my favorites and a few of the last ones I have left. I had to sell or donate all of my CDs for real cheap, so what gets listed next I have rebought or discovered for the first time.

I could only afford one more Paradise, Sara, but it has just been released.

Sunday July 30th 2017, 18:23

Lake Monsters – Vromm
Miami 2 Ibiza – Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah EXPLICIT
Figure 8 – Ellie Goulding
Everything (VIP Remix) – R3hab & Skytech
*Paradise – Tove Lo
Nomad – Vromm
Hyperpower! – Nine Inch Nails
A Taste of Silver – Until The Ribbon Breaks
Working for It – ZHU x Skrillex X THEY. EXPLICIT
God Given – NIN
Shots Fired – Mightyfools & Mike Hawkins
Rasputin – Hard Rock Sofa
*Elsa’s transition
Bring Me Back (feat. Kreesha Turner) – Sultan & Shepard
Saiko – Aero Chord
Northern Lights – Thirty Seconds to Mars
No Better – Lorde
Fame II – Ibi
*Paradise – MNEK
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
Decks Dark – Radiohead
We Came To Bang Feat. Luciana (Radio Edit) – 3LAU

*I call this Elsa’s transition because it sounds like dribbling a basketball or two at first, then they sync.

August Mix mentions/notes


Isabeli Fontana, Brazil October 2015 Cover Slow Burn
Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazil December 2015 Cover World’s Sexiest Businesswoman
Elsa Hosk, Sweden February 2016 Cover Basketball Pro Becomes Victoria’s Secret Angel
Sara Sampaio, Portugal May 2016 Cover The Rise Of A Superstar *See a late July post picture for a part of this mix’s motivation with the same name
Milena Gorum, America June 2016 Post “We Can’t Get Enough Of Milena Gorum’s Instagram Feed”
Virginia Gardner, America March 2016 Article – ‘Go Under the Hood With…’

11th Potion Notes

Below I am sharing some notes on this Jungle Essence Album. I was choosing by title and getting lucky, but decided to take descriptive notes as it is easy to get lost in here.

Unedited notes by track name. See the mixes by track names used for album purchase link. If you like this one there are others grouped under Armoracya Recordings. I discovered this label of enchanting music on Traxsource.

Tibet – Rainforest, congas, shuffle after intro goes forward upward bass and singing exotic birds
Marrakesh – Triangle, congas and 4 on floor start to ahhs oohs and low vibey sounds with lots of space trading back to highs and conga solo riffs
Rwanda – Drone loop and refresh vamp minimal
Lynx – old school Will Smith rap-like intro beat to elm street riff then wah with fem vocs sparingly at first then adds more near words, sounds like an error almost in beat. Its a stumbley double bass hit. Touch of congas or hand drums
Colorfull Forest – On Mix 2017013. Long solid beat intro to unique bass flow rhymic pulse. Trumpet melody exchanges to water light birds and key chord then adds back fading sounds to shore
Astriaka – Taut medium tone drum, 4 floor bass beat with a pulse machine type repeat to bass vamp and a 007 string sound. Continues to verse a marimba line then weaves these ideas into a conga highlight and so on back through
Fjords – Higher 4 beat with video game repeat and verby tube melody. Bass escalates in busy-ness mostly three notes up to octave or near on 1,3,4.
Melody turns to sparse commentary like in a cave.
Hangkuk – On Mix 2017013 Encore. Some high chanting voice and steady groove throughout with vehicle going by sometimes. There is a synth-like ceremony dance group that buzzes into it. The signature-sound congas are in here most of it with that long decay verb.

CKWAL MIX 2017013 Encore

Tuesday 25th July 2017, 13:08

Flip On You (feat. ScHoolboy Q) – 50 Cent (EXPLICIT VERSION)
Divide & Conquer (Noisa Remix) – What So Not
Lone (feat. JOY.) [SLUMBERJACK Remix] – What So Not
Alive (feat. Brave) [SINIQ Remix] – Infuze (says EXPLICIT)
Let Me Help You (Instrumental) – 12th Planet (As pictured above as of this post. Picture from Spring Awakening 2013.)
Hanguk – Maroshi Sumo (also from Jungle Essence 11th Potion)
Mashes eventually for a while with…
Classic (feat. Powers) – The Knocks originally found on this EP This artwork no longer available on iTunes. Buy it on Beatport
Redemption – Drake // Get this CLEAN album here
Co2 – Mawi
Treble filter dissonant partial mash with Plot Twist (Disciples Remix) – Sigrid
I call this the Afrojack Mash because I saw him do this on TV awhile ago at Ultra as if he made a mistake, but kept going with it giving everyone a tooth grit look.
Paris – Friendly Fires (ALBUM LINK)
Invisible (feat. Mari-Anna) – Eminence & Soulero
Insect – Curbi
(Slow it down to half of Bubblegum’s BPM and gradually filter out the highs to an out-the-arena bass pound to get to…)
Bubblegum – Jordi Rivera & Sonny Bass
Radio – Smash Mouth

The thirty seven days of July

Tried to see Prince Royce on the 19th, but there were so many phones and he started with video in the back which as you know we only do music this year (or some claim to). However, I got see Luis Coronel . I’m in the middle of this sea of mostly ladies dressed up to woe these Latinos in the bright lights. Luis had a sore voice I think from so much perfume in the air, but this band was on point. The horns reminded me of DMB when they still had Leroy (if they had hung out playing in South America for a year). Royce is the next Latino Justin Beiber mixed with Ricky Martin unless he goes thug on us and although this was not the smallest ballroom in Denver, it was already getting tight to contain this kind of energy.

In other updates, I am mixing a bunch of older tunes to make sure you know I don’t limit the music in styles or decades. Also, to make sure I can do them together and because of budget.

7/26 *Addition: I have made a great mix which is again glitched out like another of my encores. I’ll probably post it anyways, because it is a good nearly full encore to the 2017013. It’s a pain, but if anyone is running into this problem on an old iPad, all you have to do it clear up space and get rid of all your mixes (delete them) and delete the app and reinstall the app.*

7.28 *Additional edit: I am planning a fresh mix for next month dedicated to my favorite Victoria’s Secret and/or Maxim models from late 2015 early 2016. One of which may have inspired me to get a few extra letters on my driver’s license.

CKWAL MIX 2017013

Snuck a couple in last night/this morning. One I was about to publish, but a sync beat that was an accident ruined the whole thing. If my iPad causes the glitch I don’t disqualify it right away, but if you hack into my archive and listen to the mix – you might say something isn’t perfect.

Trying for that summertime sadness vibe without losing the energy. So, there are big tempo changes and some songs I practiced as surprising half mash-ups, two big ones made it here – ‘Bombay’ with ‘SuperLove’ and ‘Colors in Your Eyes’ with ‘Bounce Back’. They pay remembrance to Miss Monique’s surprise play of a hard to find version of Bank’s ‘Waiting Game’. My only mistake is getting to risky at end in the extended hour and 12 min. mix which tries to mix ‘Insect’ by Curbi to ‘Bubblegum’ by Jordi Rivera & Sonny Bass . I love ‘Bubblegum’ as an ending track and I bet you hear it as a finale by someone this summer. Anyways, I am just ending it where I broke space for a first ending at ‘Animal Ambition’.

Monday 17th July 2017, 22:00
Shortened from 1:12:15

Plot Twist (Disciples Remix) – Sigrid (Now available here)
Mad Love – Ferreck Dawn
Black Horizon – Monococ Discovered on Traxsource buy here
Bombay – Miss Monique
Halfmash to…
SuperLove – Charli XCX
SHC – Foster the People
Run – offaiah
Tinhauser – MOGUAI
Trust (Plastic Plates Remix) – What So Not & Burns
Moneda (feat. Gerardo Ortíz) – Prince Royce
Colors in Your Eyes – Miss Monique
End portion blend to…
Bounce Back – Big Sean (CLEAN VERSION)
JUMP (feat. Nevve) – Droeloe (EXPLICIT)
Colorfull Forest – Alidiana Silverkin From Jungle Essence 11th Potion originally found on Traxsource
Animal Ambition – 50 Cent (EXPLICIT VERSION)

This mix is dedicated to WaterCourse Foods in Denver. Working for and with them (along with my Parents and Grandparents for an early birthday present). I was able to stay Vegan at a crucial time which came down to the 11th hour three specific times. Make it or break it has been defined to the penny and second too many times to count in the past year. It will be one year some time during the end of the summer. Every person that becomes Vegan saves between 200-300 animals in a year.

See the Fuel II post for other links.

Also, I was able to make this mix.

Now listening to…

Bought this as a gift for someone else and wasn’t able to order myself a copy until now. I went to school with part of this band and toured with Jay, but now I am like a fan. Their music has grown considerably from talented beginnings. It’s different from a lot of these MixList vibes, but not far off from places I have been before. I recommend the ones you can find on these sites because most products you see on Moja Music may disappear without notice.
See their links below.

Instagram Pun Picks
Instagram Moja Music
Moja Music Main Site
Get ‘The Hollow’ CD
Get ‘Chioggia Beat’ CD
Twitter for Devonne Harris
Twitter for Joe Lawlor
Instagram and Official Site for Tupac Mantilla
Blog of Jay’s interviews and musical selections

See album credits for other musicians involved.


Made some great attempts and I thought at least one made it to the #13, but they all had at least one mistake that put it in the UNP category (not the 3 of the perfect exceptions). I bought a few new tracks and will have to try again. I bought the new Calvin Harris album and was really disappointed with how it left me, so I have more than a few regrets with how things are going this week. I’ll try to have a ’13’ by my birthday, but I’m going to my first concert in a long time this week (hint: style goes under the name of música tropical). Perhaps I should go to a movie instead.

Song progression from last post

*Update* Correction on order of Bombay and Marrakesh 7.17.19 *

I didn’t get it perfect by any means, but it works.
I have attempted some new mixes with these tracks and won’t redo this one, just wanted to try it like a pro and realized that although it is a shame to break some of them up, I will never be able to get it quite the same with the same spirit infused. Much like attempting to redo one of my own mixes if I make some small mistake that makes it unpublishable.

From #69 1-6 and 9-14
Since it’s my birth month and I’m sign 69 I let myself go for it.

Franc Moody – Got The Light [JUICEBOX]
PARX – Waiting On You [POTION]
Zac Samuel – Losing You [PMR]
*Miss Monique – Bombay (Sebastian Weikum Remix)
*Nino Garcia – Marrakesh
Zac Samuel – Losing You [PMR]
PARX – Waiting On You [POTION]
Franc Moody – Got The Light [JUICEBOX]
Drake – Redemption

Trying something new

I haven’t heard back from anyone that has actually tried to do any of these mixes. So, I decided to try one of my favorite progression of songs from Magic Tape #69. Well, it’s the first six songs, then I added a couple in the middle. After that went backwards on the six songs in the same order and ended it with a Drake song from my favorite album of the year so far (not the newest one – haven’t heard that yet.) It sounds good, but not sure if it’s a MixList or what.

It was a different experience as I don’t usually do mixes like that and glad I now have all those tracks that many were unavailable for some time.

That’s my update for today.


Update 7/8/17 : Added some social links after iTunes links for some of the involved artists of tracks below. IN = Instagram, SC = Soundcloud, TWT = Twitter
More will be added at a later date.

I think this is the last one of the past three perfect unpublished ones. Wish you could hear some of these, but I don’t really want to perform them and I usually don’t ever do the same mix twice – so if you want it then try to mix them together.

Friday 13th January 2017, 1930

document vendor=”Native Instruments” type=”tracklist”


track name=”Open My Eyes feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn (Tom Swoon Extended Edit)” artist=”Avedon, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Ale Q” guid=”126A3D5A0BB7B21F” starttime=”3″ INJON SCJON TWTAVEDON SCAVEDON INALEQ SCALEQ
track name=”Not Gonna Get Us” artist=”t.A.T.u.” guid=”281EAC0405BA8764″ starttime=”240″ INTATU SCTATU INJULIA INLENA
track name=”Loca People (Original Mix)” artist=”Sak Noel” guid=”281EAC0405BA880F” starttime=”490″ (EXPLICIT, however in this mix I took a few WTF’s out) INSAK SCSAK TWTESTHERA SCESTHERA
track name=”Pump Up the Jam” artist=”Technotronic” guid=”281EAC0405BA8806″ starttime=”702″
track name=”No Guns Allowed (feat. Cori B & Drake)” artist=”Snoop Lion” guid=”281EAC0405BA894B” starttime=”966″ INSNOOPLION TWTCORIB INDRAKE TWTDRAKE
track name=”Killer feat. Seal (MOTi Remix)” artist=”Adamski, Seal, Patrolla” guid=”6DD17D31EDF9C226″ starttime=”1159″ Available on Beatport INSEAL SCMOTI INMOTI SCADAMSKI TWTADAMSKI
track name=”Tears (Latmun Remix)” artist=”Prok & Fitch” guid=”67710973246C5656″ starttime=”1374″ INP&FSCP&F
track name=”Hide It All (Instrumental)” artist=”12th Planet” guid=”08B4A6AB1635A29C” starttime=”1741″ SC12th IN12th
track name=”Soundwave (Audiotricz Remix)” artist=”R3hab & Trevor Guthrie” guid=”281EAC0405BA8D6F” starttime=”1935″ INR3HAB SCR3HAB SCAudiotricz INAudiotricz INTREVOR SCTREVOR
track name=”Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)” artist=”Disclosure” guid=”281EAC0405BA8AD1″ starttime=”2187″ SCLONDON INLONDON SCDISCLOSURE INDISCLOSURE
track name=”Digital Life” artist=”Empire of the Sun” guid=”6DC734F727EF3394″ starttime=”2417″ INEMPIRE SCEMPIRE
track name=”Desert Island Disk” artist=”Radiohead” guid=”281EAC0405BA8F32″ starttime=”2638″
track name=”Losing You” artist=”Solange” guid=”281EAC0405BA88A3″ starttime=”2863″ IN
track name=”We Don’t Stop (BURNS Remix)” artist=”Kaskade” guid=”4E34EDD60829299E” starttime=”3120″ INKASKADESCKASKADE INBURNS SCBURNS TWTBURNS
track name=”Self Sufficient” artist=”Gëinst” guid=”580F1F54EDD70D88″ starttime=”3289″ SCGEINST