TOP LIST 01 & Dedicated Mix #3

This is a list of vocalists who sound good on most tracks they do. It’s also a sort of ‘my favorites list’ in a kind of certain sound. I didn’t enjoy doing this at first because a singer’s voice is personal and possibly so is my taste. So, I felt really critical and almost embarrassed for myself and the places it took me, but like any good house song I eventually fell in the groove and found the light. I was a voice principal at Berklee, so I am not totally unqualified to do this project. However, if you just got into DJing I would take on this challenge after your first year.

I started by reviewing my own podcasts and then went to almost every feature singer from Felix Cartal and Gareth Emery (the pimps of single singer tracks). It doesn’t really include the super famous ones like Ariana Grande or Usher, but I included a few with already accomplished clout. Once I hit the maximum numbers for three TOP LISTS I stopped and will carry over those histories, I didn’t fully listen to, the next TOP LIST.

This is PART ONE which I subtitle as ‘FELIX CARTAL‘S Harem’
I only got through Felix’s list of features found on sources like Soundcloud, Beatport and Wikipedia. He doesn’t have too many repeats.

The attached mixes for this series will have some of the best singers that may or may not be on the top 11, 5 or 7.

PART TWO will go into GARETH‘s features found on and Beatport. I also may have used some sites like Traxsource and Youtube (scrolling away from the videos of course to hear the audio and read comments for more information if needed).

This is a great way to ‘dig’ for new tracks for all MixList aspirers. Check up on some of these artists’ features and what they do now and branch off from there. It’s a little arduous at first, but when you find a few new ways to go, you’ll pick up momentum.

I have a few lists here and we will start with females only. TOP 10 (FEATURES) = They sound good on almost every featured track and most usually work on others’ songs rather than their own EPs or albums. Links after go to Soundcloud or Beatport.

Then there is the TOP 5 (ALBUM TYPE) = They may do features too, but when checking them out I ended up discovering a different sound on an independent collection of tracks with either their name or another project name. After their name I put the first song I heard by them.

Finally, there is the TOP 7 (REQUESTS). Either they need more recent song features or in the type of these DANCE POP style that isn’t in superstar mainstream, but in a DJs repertoire for podcasts or festivals. Another way they could go to the TOP 7 would be they have a killer sound on one or two tracks, but feature a totally different voice on the majority of their others and I am requesting more like their BEST TRACK.

The mix or mixes with new tracks I discovered on this sidetrack series will be on a future mix.

TOP 10

Bosco – New album called b. Instagram
Bright Lights – LISTEN AUDITION Instagram
Sam Bruno – New EP called I AM SAM PT. 1 AUDITION Instagram
Delaney Jane – AUDITION Instagram
Ofelia K – Listen Instagram
Kiesza – Listen Instagram
Luciana – Listen Instagram
Clara Mae – Listen Instagram
MØ – Listen Instagram
Sigrid – Listen Instagram

Sophia Black – Vibration (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) N/A Instagram
CATZE – Parallel Lines Instagram
Nini Fabi (Haerts) – Slow Motion Instagram
Amanda Fondell – Smoke Instagram
Becky G – Sola Instagram

TOP 7​
Chloe Angelides – Ready for Love Instagram
Alice Berg – Freeze Time & Golden Hearts Instagram
Brave aka Br/\ve – Alive [SINIQ REMIX]
Garielle Current – Lost Art Instagram
Katt Niall – Diamonds Instagram
Nevve – Jump, Surface and Something Real (Actually I don’t know what list she goes on because I previously had a link that was probably wrong and I only know of these three songs.) Instagram
Sansa – A Little More Instagram

Featured Female Vocalists Dedicated Mix #3
Wednesday 23rd August 2017, 14:26

Me Minus You (Jerome Price Warehouse Mix) – Jerome Price
Love Something – Adrian Hour
This Could Be Love Feat. Delaney Jane – Borgeous & Shaun Frank
Universe (feat. Emeni) – Don Diablo
Stars (feat. Katt Niall) – Ummet Ozcan
Live Love Die (feat. Sirena) [Amersy Remix] – Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman
Tether (Eric Prydz vs. CHVRCHES) [Radio Edit] – Eric Prydz & CHVRCHES
Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan & Sara) [Extended Version] – Tiësto
Drifting Away (feat. Ofelia K) – Felix Cartal
Fireflies (feat. Luciana) [Extended Version] – Bassjackers
VIPs – Skrillex & MUST DIE!
Never Say Goodbye (feat. Bright Lights) – Hardwell & Dyro
You’re Not the One (Cid Rim Remix) – Sky Ferreira
Sweet Escape (feat. Sirena) [Pep & Rash Remix] – Alesso
Freeze Time (feat. Alice Berg) – Manse

Special thanks to Softo ltd. for free file conversion.
I always use cloudconvert, but had to try another site.
Instagram link is a picture icon. Featured DJs links to both instagram and Soundcloud and in the mix they mostly link to Soundcloud.

*Update 11.26-27.17 Now available Male Vocalists Top List 02

Dedicated Mix #2

I was missing this mix. The only playable version I have of this is locked on PromoDJ, so I redid 2016008. Example‘s track is from a different website and since I don’t have a desktop computer anymore I cannot get it on this iPad. During this new mix, I left Lil Wayne‘s rap in and added some other ones as well as a few other changes.
I’m putting it in the dedicated series reflecting on and around the time I was in East St. Louis/Granite City and attempting to drive for Prime. Nothing like the hot dustry streets around Chain of Rocks on the border of the river that seperates you from St. Louis. I also was off the highway / farm field Days Inn where I was rejected from Prime after nearly driving all the way back to central Missouri. Actually, I selected tracks for the next couple of mixes there and this one I published when I returned to Chicagoland.

The mix is now updated to where I am now with new meaning about why that journey most likely never continues in the way it was going for me.

However, it’s dedicated to a local company with whom I experienced life’s trials and another interview that revealed to me the stark reality of one’s past choices.

Tuesday 15th August 2017, 9:08

Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) – Ariana Grande
Tuesday Maybe – Way Out West
BRB – No Mana
Dark River (Radio Edit) – Sebastian Ingrosso
MYNE (Tony Quattro Remix) – Treasure Fingers & BOSCO
Space Sheep – Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma
She’s So Mean – Matchbox Twenty
Faded (Tiësto’s Deep House Remix) – Alan Walker (Original Cover version no longer available)
Golden Hearts (feat. Alice Berg & Dannic) [Alice Berg Cover] – BYNON & Domeno
Lost (Matt Karmil Remix) – Ashworth
Tinhauser – MOGUAI
Alien (Extended Remix) – Omnia
A Way Home – KO:YU & Don Palm

See link at top of the page for original mix and purchase links.


This is like an alternate version to Part II of Mix 2017014 with an extra new song cause Nevve is on the modern top versatile singers list I have to compile. It’s tough to put yourself on that many tracks that all sound top notch, look good on the covers and release that often. We’ll see if she can keep the record going.

Reasons it is in the Unpublished (UNP) Series:

There is one transition with that live turntable jam style like in SKM MIX 1, except, with one spot that is botched a couple beats. Also, because this was pretty much an exclusive dedication and this explicit 50 Cent track made it for a different crowd. The way surface ends it is a little creepy in this mix.


There are a couple mashes and the like that umph them to newness, one that should be put as remixes on the iTunes store – like Frame with Cold Heart. It takes a lot of perfectly timed filtering and some real-life inspiration like Molly on that Lean with Deadmau5. I wasn’t going to even put it up, but I’ve been displaced again and this one will set you straight if you are going through a similar change.

Wednesday 9th August 2017, 22:36

Something Real (feat. Nevve) – Dubvision
No Warning – Signal
(long overlap)
Chase the Paper (feat. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P) – 50 Cent EXPLICIT
Cold Heart – Dusky
which mixmashes to & with
Bad Decisions – Frame
out to finish Cold Heart
-increases speed back up to-
Pumping It Up (Main Mix) – Risk Assessment
Love Something – Adrian Hour
Everything (Ken Groeneveld Remix) – R3hab & Skytech
long overlap to about mid-chorus of
Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz
Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
Moved On – Signal
Ratchet Strap (UZ Remix) – 12th Planet & SPL
Lost Art (feat. The Ready Set & Gabrielle Current) – Dastic
Surface (feat. Nevve) – Pluto

Other track links and some social links on this mix with similar tracks.

A lot of this music can help you forget and move on.

Before I forget though, let’s remember some fallen heroes of mine that I may still be in denial about.

Scott Weiland

Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington

CKWAL MIX 2017014 Part II

Tuesday 8th August 2017, 16:34

Bad Decisions – Frame FRAMEIN
Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz N&VIN
Say It Right – Nelly Furtado NFIN
Love Something – Adrian Hour AHIN
Everything (Ken Groeneveld Remix) – R3hab & Skytech R3IN STIN KGIN
Pumping It Up (Main Mix) – Risk Assessment RATRAXS
Surface (feat. Nevve) – Pluto SCNEVVE SCPLUTO
Hustler (feat. T.I.) – WatchtheDuck EXPLICIT T.I.IN WTDIN
Mirrorball – Young the Giant YTGIN
F Plex – Vromm SCVROMM
Internacionales – Bomba Estéreo BOMBAIN
Cold Heart – Dusky DUSKYIN
Lost Art (feat. The Ready Set & Gabrielle Current) – Dastic TRSIN GCIN DASTICIN
The Wolf (Light House Remix) – Savoy & Bright Lights SCLH SAVOYIN BLIN
Vacaciones – Wisin WISININ
Heatstroke (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) – Calvin Harris EXPLICIT YTIN PWIN AGIN CHIN
Snow Outside – Dave Matthews Band DMBIN

Some of these house tunes were discovered as part of compilations. The links next to those tracks will bring you there. Mark Knight‘s Toolroom Records.

Some new techniques used in this mix. The speed change fake-out transition and the mid song speed change. Sometimes you have to make a major change to half or double the speed of the next song. If you haven’t listened to the song much or change your mind you might do this by accident. I thought I scrapped this mix because I was putting it together with a bunch of people around watching movies or TV and wasn’t into the feeling of the songs much. After the second listen, I posted the last mini-story and now walking around on the third listen (or second if you don’t count the mix) and I have to share it immediately. Though I am out of new songs pretty much now.

Instagram or Soundcloud artist links follow iTunes Store links (abbreviated).

Regeneration to Ckwal

I thought now might be a good time to tell a short story on how we got to the name Ckwal. I’ve been in all sorts of bands and artist projects since my first band called Lighthouse. However, Ckwal started with a project originating as Steve’s Killah Music. ‘Killah’ was a popular word or slang for cool in the 80’s and obviously I was using this adjective to describe the music I wanted to make. A little later this was shortened or changed to SKMillion. SKMillion was a name that came from a relative who quoted about a girl he was seeing at the time that, “When I am with you I feel like a million dollars.” Of course I first heard this when he asked me to record a strange poem-like present for him to give to her as a Valentine’s gift or something like that. So, when publishing my first music videos I was experimenting with in Taiwan to reconnect with lost friends and relatives I quickly came up with this name as the abbreviation for the previous name and adding ‘Million’. Some time after returning to the United States and getting a sense that this name bothered some people, especially a good friend who helped me ‘repatriate’ (so to speak) to the US; I started making up my mind to change it. After getting in the gym and listening to the podcasts I listed everyday (up to three or four a day) and ‘reverse culture-shock’, I call it, I hit a strange plateau as some people may identify with where, well, “nothing was the same”. I was on a weird schedule and ‘frozen’ some nights in a blissful state of returning to good health and losing a lot weight combined with the rejuvenation of the mind. I guess I was listening to a lot of powerful music and trying to catch up to my goals in a really short time. Anyways, some places I was trying to get to now seemed for ever out of reach in the real world and in my head, because they were uncatchable or I simply passed myself. Besides keeping record of my favorite tracks from the podcasts, after some time the only thing that kept me grounded was making beats and bass grooves on a Roland DR-880. A lot of these grooves are the basis for the self-entitled album CKWAL. I drew some sketches with SKM kind of cut in half and reflecting on itself (some with an arm & hammer type logo) and thought of a anacronym I heard about LUCK that used to bother me for some reason. An old album name I made in Taiwan was called ‘LUCKY’ until I changed it to LUCK which stood for (Living under Christ’s Kindness) in that anacronym. So I took my name out of the artist name and substituted the ‘S’ for a ‘C’. Flip the M and so forth. Take a look at this early picture attached to this short-story. I was working under full moons and an owl-perch like zone.

Click the image for podcast links and for additional link collections see previous posts.

CKWAL MIX 2017014

Dug up a few more; should have some newer tracks on 15 if they are available.

Saturday 5th August 2017, 19:05

Rooftop – Dave Matthews Band
Golden Hearts (feat. Alice Berg) [Dannic Edit] – BYNON & Domeno
Paradise – MNEK
Alone No More (Ferreck Dawn Remix) – PhiIip George & Anton Powers
Faking It (feat. Kehlani & Lil Yachty) – Calvin Harris EXPLICIT
Lake Arrowhead – Nora En Pure
Spark – Until the Ribbon Breaks
Hunger (Jaded Remix) – Sam Sure
Double Trouble (feat. Total Science) – S.P.Y.
City of Angels – Thirty Seconds to Mars
The Mechanism – Disclosure & Friend Within
Tokyo By Night (feat. Karin Park) [Axwell Remix] – Hook N Sling
Boys and Girls (Live) – Blur
Take On Me – a-ha This cover EP not available

2016-2018/19 Mix & Track Link Quick Find

Year Bridge mixes, notes and candidate links
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Ckwal Year Bridge (Bridge 2) 2018-2019
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Bridge 1 – Without Me (Illenium Remix) to Into The Sunset (Acoustic Version)
Bridge 2 – Bye Bye Bye to Get Up and Fight

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2018 Posted or published (in order of most recently released; quicklinks in numerical order like the ‘Mix in the Making’ Series)
CKWAL Mix/MixList
SE=special edition ET=extra tracks E=encore FE=festival exclusive UV=unpublished version SALT=short alternate I=Part One II=Part Two III=Part Three or the continuation of a series with a shorter encore
SC=Series Conclusion SEAV=Special Edition Alternate Version B=Bridge CYB=Countdown to the Year Bridge OE=Optional Ending
18-1, 18-1SE, 18-2, 18-3, 18-3FE 18-3UV 18-4, 18-4 S-alt, 2018-4 SC (Fathers’ Day), 2018-5, 2018-5 SE, 2018-5 SEAV, 2018-5 E 2018-5 E 2018-6 Ver.1 2018-6 Versions 2 & 3 2018-7 2018B
Countdown to the Year Bridge

CYB/OE – Ease My Mind to Control Room / to Vuelve
2018B – More Than Anything to All My Hope
18-7 – All They Wanna Be (Madison Mars Future Mix) to I Could Use a Love Song
18-6 Ver.3 – Like Spinning Plates to Red Dawn
18-6 Ver.2 – Lady Powers (TOKiMONSTA Remix) to Do It Again (Live)
18-6 Ver.1 – Do It Again (Live) to Remember
18-5 E – Childs Play to 404
18-5 E – Fortune to Gray
18-5 SEAV – Whom Shall I Fear [God of the Angel Armies] to Hourglass
18-5 SE – Get to You to Get to You
18-5 – Over You to Belly Full
18-4SC – Epica to Don’t Get Better Than That
18-4SALT – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) to Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
18-4 – Orvnge to Mirrors
18-3UV – If Only to Hypnotize
18-3FE – Really Love to Wicked Campaign
18-3 – Legends to Lo Harás Otra Vez (Do It Again)
18-2 – Throaty to Over You
18-1SE – Walking By to Charge Me Up
18-1 – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever to Prohibida

2018 Mix in the Making
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Decision, Update #2, Bridge Mix Update with social links, Candidate #3, Candidate #2, Candidate #1, New Year’s Mix Talk

2017 Posted or published (in order of most recently released)
E=encore, UNP=unpublished, AV=alternate version, Eim=encore (ipad malfunction), CK=Ckwal LP (1st Release), SKM=SKM Mix Episode, SPMAGIC=song progression (The Magician inspired or based), DM=Dedicated Mix, 17=2017, HE=Halloween Edit, NBHMM=Night Before Halloween Mini-Mix, FGRM=Five Gold Rings Mix, L=Leftovers Mix (Christmas)
~~all zeroes for future expansion removed~~

L, FGRM, UNP10, 1720, 1719E, UNP9, 1719, NBHMM, 1718, DM5, 12AVIIHE, 12AVHE, 1717, 1716IV, 1716III, 1716II, 1716, 1715E, DM4, SKM2, 1715, DM3, DM2, UNP08, 1714II, 1714, SKM1, DM1, 1713E, 1713, SPMAGIC, UNP7, UNP6, UNP5, 1712AV, 1712, UNP4, UNP3, UNP2, 1711ER, UNP1, 1711Eim, 1711, 1710E, 1710, 179, 178, 177, 176, 175, CK174, CK173, 172, 171

L – Another’s Arms (Live) – White Christmas
FGRM – Bones of Man (Gareth Emery Remix) – Ink (Live At Le Casino De Paris)
UNP10 (Third Day of Christmas) – Silence (Naderi Remix) – Elements
1720 – Ouija Board to Nintendo Blood
1719E – Disintegration to Under the Knife
UNP9 – Pray That Our Love See the Dawn to Wild Wild West (No Intro)
1719 – Don’t Kill My Vibe (Gryffin Remix) to Not That Brave
NBHMM – Scream to Undertaker
1718 – Bad Mood X Amazon to Diva X 1000 Kisses
DM5 – Kuaga to Three More Days
12AVIIHE – Rollin to Sentient
12AVHE – Forget to Shrine
1717 – Nightcall to Don’t Ask Why [Vanilla Ace & Barber Remix]
1716IV – Amalae to Persistence
1716III – High Voltage to Never Stop
1716II – Ignorant to Stickshifts and Safetybelts
1716 – Anywhere to Really Love
1715E – Got the Love to All I Ever Wanted
DM4 – Entrada to Without Gravity/Our Love
SKM2 – Satellite to Spectrum
1715 – Mirrors to Piece of Me
DM3 – Me Minus You to Freeze Time
DM2 – Let Me Love You to Way Back Home
UNP08 – Something Real to Surface
1714II – Bad Decisions to Snow Outside
1714 – Rooftop to Take On Me
SKM1 – Bullets to Do Unto Others
DM1 – Lake Monsters to We Came to Bang
1713E – Flip On You to Radio
1713 – Plot Twist (Disciples Remix) to Animal Ambition
SPMAGIC – Got The Light to Redemption
UNP7 – Open My Eyes to Self Sufficient
UNP6 – Drifting Away to La La Land
UNP5 – Tinker Tailor to Self Sufficient
1712AV – Forget to Changing
1712 – Polaris to Changing
UNP4 – Team to Coast to Coast
UNP3 – Revolution to Straightjacket
UNP2 – Starboy to See
1711ER – Vibration to Firestone
UNP1 – 10 Bands to Bandanda
1711Eim – Skin of the Night to Firestone
1711 – Am I Wry? No to Vibration
1710E – In My Blood to Back In Time
1710 – In Da Club to No Es Illegal
179 – Often to U Got 2 Know
178I – Anymore to Used To
178II – Bobo to Don’t Blame Luv
178III – There’s No Need to Orion
177I – Choose Me II to Whistle
177II – Secret Stash to Pura
176 – Firebird to Riverside
175 – Energy to Moving On and Getting Over
172 – Set Me Free to My Way
171 – Century of the Mouse to Mantra (Axwell Cut)

2016 Published (in order of most recently released)

1621, 1620, 1619, 1618, 1617, 1616, 1615, 1614, 1613, 1612, 1611, 1610-2, 1610-1, 169, 168, 167, SKM8, 166, 165, 164, 163-2, 163-1, 162, 161-2, 161-1

1621 – Olvídame y Pega la Vuelta to The Middle
1620 – Shine to Go (HI-LO Remix)
1619 – The Middle to ​No Longer Slaves (Radio Remix)
1618 – Another Life to ​Runnin’ Just In Case
1617 – Wet to You’re Not the One (Little Daylight Remix)
1616 – The Evolution of Scrap to Orca
1615 – The Funk Fury to Komorebi (David Gravell Extended Remix)
1614 – Malanti to Crash
1613 – Gossip to Ну что за дела
1612 – Sola to Structures (Radio Edit)
1611 – ​Nunca Me Olvides to Mad World
1610-2 – BOLA to To Life (Radio Edit)
1610-1 – ​Get Busy [Extended Mix] to Duele El Corazon
169 – Hoy Snoof Zha to Gloss
168 – Let Me Love You to ​Lost (Matt Karmil Remix)
167 – Smoke to Crocodile Tears
SKM8 – Redline (Radio Edit) to Sputnik (Jay Fay Remix)
166 – ​Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix) to Sleepless (Made in Norway Remix)
165 – Killasound to Mini Mix (Compiled From Viper Presents: The Sound of Drum & Bass 2016)
164 – Let The Groove (Original Mix) to ​Ride This Train [Icarus Basement Mix]
163-2 – Lifetime to Hypnotized
163-1 – Keep Your Lips Sealed to Mistrust (Original Mix)
162 – Alarm to Dangerous Love
161-2 – When It Feels This Good (Dub Mix) to We Are the Sun (SICK INDIVIDUALS Remix)
161-1 – Rave Century to Dance


The one that started it all. I published Episode 8 in 2016.
This mix was originally around three parts of three mixes that were remixed together.
This mix made in Erbil, Iraq in summer of 2013 around Ramadan. Published for a very short time and few have heard it.
Most songs are highly altered or SKMinized with other tracks.
Featured desktop image from 7.24.2013 with background from a rooftop in Erbil. Shortly after I would go to Thailand with a stayover in Qatar.

BULLETS *(CLUB MIX) – Rebecca & Fiona
mashed with* Gears III – SKMillion *Tiesto’s Club Life 1 Version *(SKM Punch Up)
(‘been forever it seems’ – clip I.D.)
weave to
Iced Out (Calvin Harris Remix) – BURNS
weave to
On the Dancefloor (feat. and – David Guetta
weave to
Excuse Me – Boys Noize
Fucking Die 2 (€€ Cooper Mix) – Skrillex
weave to & w/
Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way) – Deadmau5 (SKM edit)
(‘once again’ – *clip I.D.) *Deeper – Jack Beats vs.
How Soon Is Now (feat. Julie McKnight) – David Guetta with Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South
Channel 42 & Molly With That Lean – Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner + Soulja Boy Molly :found on this Mixtape ‘LOUD’ from
Fall Into the Sky (feat. Ellie Goulding) – Zedd & Lucky Date
‘follow me’ – repeating clip I.D.
Tonight (feat. Skylar Grey) – David Heartbreak
Mi Viejo – Ratatat
Here Comes the King (feat. Angela Hunt) – Snoop Lion
Go Hard – Boys Noize
What Is Happening? – Cornershop
Ice Age – How to Destroy Angels
American – Lana Del Rey
Do Unto Others – Dub Easy Vs. I.C.E. BANDCAMP LINK Dub Easy on SC
Fade out to faint clip of Love Light – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Update:This mix is dedicated to Jeff D. After removing this from Soundcloud after several weeks between living in Iraq and Thailand, Jeff had the only other copy besides me and possibly a mastering studio in the U.K. He suggested Ratatat to me and I bought a vinyl record later to give him the digital copy. He ended up not wanting it. Later, I had to give up all my records in Chicago around 2016 mostly to Reckless.