Shop for the costume in Shanghai

This is the only thing I could find in my scouring the internet for Halloween. The goal is to find a prize-winning costume last minute in Shanghai for tonight. Smart Shanghai’s article should help. Make a bunch of this virgin drink option to stay vibrant in the scavenge. (I would substitute more spirulina and pea protein isolate or potato protein and/or cashews for hemp protein because I don’t like how hemp lingers) Another idea is to mimic some combo from these bars.

Virtual Night Before Halloween Party (Vegan Friendly)

Your hosts Sara Sampaio & Jamie Oliver serving Zombie for drinks. This isn’t posted as Vegan, but if you make sure you use a Vegan Triple Sec like Hiram Walker, Bols, VOK or make it yourself and same goes for the sweet & sour mix. Also, when buying sugar for recipes check the brand that it doesn’t use bone char in it’s processing. Tate & Lyle fair trade and Morena are tasty. This is a Vegan liquor buying website I just found. You can see Jamie with a Vampire costume on his website (it’s a freeze frame of a video). Note: All those recipes on the previous link are Halloween (not all Vegan).

Chocolate starters, gorge-yourself main and ‘do I want to eat that?’ for dessert. Then dance it off with a mini-mix featuring Wolfgang Gartner and Dino Maggiorana.

Appetizer – CANDY SKULL CRUSHERS from wallflower kitchen
Main Course – Green Monster Veggie Burger from Vegan Heaven
Dessert – Witch Finger Cookies with Strawberry Jam from One Green Planet

I mixed the mix below, however dreaming about the other stuff so I can’t vouch if they’re all good or not.

To the celebrations ~

Monday 30th October 2017, 6:59

Scream – Dino Maggiorana
partial mash with/to…
Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis
Lush (Extended Mix) – Tommy Jayden
Nuke – Wolfgang Gartner
Rush – Teo Mandrelli & UnoMas
Men on Mars – HI-LO
Move On – Dino Maggiorana
Undertaker – Wolfgang Gartner


Ckwal has three mixes posted this month for Halloween. I don’t read that often, but this a good article found through The Denver Post. For if you are in Denver and want to take yourself on a mini-tour of haunts or just want to get ready for the final days of Halloween. I’m not in Denver right now, but I walked by a couple of these places and I know there is some kind of different energy there.

CKWAL MIX 2017018

​This was a difficult mix to finish. I kept botching it up somewhere, going for the mashes and they didn’t sound quite right or the blend/weave was imbalanced. I went and spoke to the U.S. Army on my job search and they told me I just passed the age limit when he said, “You can’t.” I left with a strange feeling of regret and went to the open field/park where I starting making bread here and finally completed the mix.

Tuesday 24th October 2017, 17:58 (7% Battery Left)
Bad Mood X Amazon – Miley Cyrus X Mayhem & UZ
Hands Up – Levit∆te
Mind of an Insomniac (feat. Icicle & Linguistics)
end mash w/to…
Barfly – Ray LaMontagne
Babylon – Lifecycle NL
Transmission – The Prototypes
Mangú – Becky G.
Tap – Masayoshi Iimori
Inta-National – Ulterior Motive
Omega Point – Signal, Allied & Heamy
White Flag (VIP) – Delta Heavy
Nova Machine – MUST DIE!
Más De Lo Que Sabes (More Than You Know) – Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Sebastian Yatra & Cali y El Dandee
(partial mash with Diva at end section)
Diva X 1000 Kisses (Radio Edit) – Jojo Angel X Will Smith

Update 10.27.17 3:59 Central Time U.S.
Some of these artists or groups are difficult to find by regular searching, so I added a lot of Soundcloud links which have Instagram links on the top right of their pages under the main banner. More about this mix and what I am planning in November is written in the previous post. I have been able to get some new songs via donations with just a little sacrifice in the next few days.

Next Mixes Update

Working on this next mix and adding a new song with each new donation that I receive. It is proving to be rather challenging with all this new input and trying to mix the remaining songs from those massive collections. I am also trying to mash two acoustic type country based songs (an old one and a new one) with these monsters. Another mix that threw a wrench into my life, like one of those Magic Tapes I couldn’t stop listening to and had to try to duplicate, was Ummet Ozcan‘s Innerstate Episode 158. I was thinking of trying to remake this because something broke my world when I listened to it the first time and I need to fix it. In the meantime I’m collecting them one at a time as well and may add a version and/or a song that helps them blend with this project that is challenging me at the moment. Sometimes I just do it and it cannot be improved on. This one I know can be perfect for what I want to send you, but it makes me want to give up on it every time.

Dedicated #5 (Vegan Halloween)

Recently I reached out to all my remaining contacts for the first time since I launched the website in 2014. I don’t track visitors especially after discontinuing streams for permission on PromoDJ to MixLists. It was nice to hear back from a Lighthouse Band supporter, member (previous project) and family I haven’t talk to for awhile. I will get back to those who have contacted me and would appreciate others’ assistance and perspective!
To sum: With an early Christmas present and Ckwal’s first donation, I’m back in the eye of the storm.

Why did we break the no mass email rule? Well, I hit an ’emergency point’ let’s say. I personally fasted for the first time with water only for over thirty-six hours during a waiting period. The mix below was after around the thirty hour point. I had recently filtered all the remaining tracks from the UKF and CR2 albums I wanted to use and grabbed a few more tracks, I didn’t think I wanted to use for this purpose and put this together finishing at 3:53 am this past Tuesday. It is quite an addicting listening combo without catching in your head – and eerily, nearly perfect. So, it is this year’s official, Vegan Halloween Mix.

Tuesday 17th October 2017, 3:53

Kuaga – Pierce Fulton
Speed of Sound (feat. Tricia McTeague) – Aly & Fila
Collide (feat. Daniel Gidlund) – Third ≡ Party
Men In Black – Will Smith
I See U – Dawn Wall
Paranoia – Tascione & Kompany
Good To Me (feat. Majesty) – Brookes Brothers
Just Cruisin’ – Will Smith
Keep It Moving – Ulterior Motive
Three More Days – Ray LaMontagne

OK, the link attached to Vegan is Moby. A DJ and recording artist who probably made the first song I heard in somewhere like Border’s that changed my life. The electronic strings that were not of this world.

Halloween Prep Mix Part II

The only thing about this mix I would like to perfect would be the accidental new transition from ‘Touch It’ to ‘Ready’. However, I’m not going to redo this mix again as the other transitions overshine this hiccup. I am out of music and soon food to stay vegan and transitioning to use this site as a learning porthole for new DJ programs as discussed in 2013 at SAE Thailand, before I was hit by a vehicle. Please donate at the bottom of the page to Ckwal’s paypal account.

The mash to ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ works differently almost every time. I took out five songs from the 012AV and added five different ones.

Friday 13th October 2017, 17:54
012 AV Part II Halloween ’17 Edit

Rollin (feat. Future & Khalid) – Calvin Harris EXPLICIT
Wasted – Nero
Jolene – Ray LaMontagne
Jupiter (feat. Roy English & Uni) – Michael Brun
Javelin – Oliver Heldens & Martin Mayne
Egyptian Lover (Latmun Remix) – The Golden Boy
slows down and filter mashes with…
Touch It – Ariana Grande
mashes at end with a hack half turntablism wannabe intro to…
Ready – Joey Bada$$ EXPLICIT
mashes with…
Sing Me to Sleep (Instrumental) – Alan Walker
I Don’t Want You to Forget – Jars of Clay
Changing – John Mayer
cut short with…
Sentient – Mr FijiWiji & Tülpa

Halloween Prep Mix & Updates

I split the big alternate version mix I redid as I mentioned in this post​ called ‘redos’. It took some major patience and practice with these combos, but it came back to me eventually. I cut out ‘Congratulations’ cause I hear it played too often and cut short ‘Happy’, but played the whole song of ‘Forget’. ‘Forget’ in the first Alternate Version is cut really short partially by accident, which works, but leaves you cheated (wanting the rest). ‘Rollin’ was the only song I liked off of Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1, which changed after awhile. Then I got sick of Rollin cause it was overplayed, but recently I hit a slump and could only listen to this song over and over trying to memorize Future‘s rap. So, that single and ‘Forget’ kept me going at the start to redo this one and finally make Part I new for Halloween 2017. Part II – TBD.

Thursday October 12th, 2017 23:39
012 AV Part I Halloween ’17 Edit
Forget – Marina and The Diamonds
Between Two Worlds – Nero
Lords (feat. UFO) – Bro Safari
Sound Off – Moska
Halfway to the Moon – Phish
Devotion to a Dream – Phish
Happy – Marina and The Diamonds
cut short with…
Lampshades On Fire – Modest Mouse
Cry Wolf – a-ha
Nightmare on My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
partial overlap during phone call at the end to…
Shrine – Artificial Intelligence

I guess these come full circle with the first 012 series as I made a third and fourth unit of blood donations at Red Cross at the same time called a Power Red. It’s a little more intense during the donation, but is a little less of a drag afterwards.

There were some issues with the site I used for converting to mp3 saying I was forbidden to download my own conversions at It used to work if you changed browsers, but not today. So, I found a new one that allows free Google Drive conversion and online uploading without downloading the conversion at this site. Thanks to Berklee College of Music for our Alumni account drive. You can also search under google drive plug-ins for mp3 converter. I really recommend if you can afford it for accurate volume levels and customizations as well as automatic conversions for specific folders. Of course I use these for checking the mixes before posting the MixList to make sure they were valid and I can say all of these were performed successfully at one point.


I had to delete an entire hard drive of backups to sell it and this mix is gone as well as a whole bunch of other music, so the ID’s have to stay that way. New music will be delayed due to recent circumstances.

Get Gone – Fiona Apple IN
mixes with I.D (House track)
triple overlaps at tail with
Liar Liar – Avicii IN
Overdose – Wolfgang Gartner IN
Destroy Them With Lazers – Knife Party IN
You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix) – Florence And The Machine Buy on Beatport INFLORENCE
I.D. with The Joint – Worthy As found on Owsla’s subscription service previously found on Drip and now on Kickstarter at this link. One used to receive credits for back catalog or earn them with time spent as a subscriber. See current terms.
I.D. – Eric Prydz IN
A Prayer For England – Massive Attack INMA
I.D. (hula 3?) – SKMillion
Paradise (Fedde le Grand Remix) – Coldplay INFLG INCOLD
I.D. Eric Prydz
Someone Else X Undertaker – Miley Cyrus & Wolfgang Gartner (SKM’s Mash) INMILEY INWG
Fully Retractable – Soul Coughing INMIKE

Many I.D. tracks may be found on Toolroom Ten