Vegan Posts and Fuel Compilation Links

These are the links of the posts with my journey on veganism and survival fuel/cooking. I also added some social accounts of those that kept and continue to keep me inspired or helped movement get momentum in the difficult naive stages. I will update this page as well in a quicklink page on the important link tab towards the top right of the site currently.

Red Bull tested on animals (  12.23.19

Cruelty-free update (new home/survival basics) 12.5.19

Vegan/cruelty-free (important update on skin care and a deleted post containing many fake-cruelty free products) 11.8.19

End of September update (3 year anniversary conclusion) 9.28.19

The Saga Continues. 9.6.19

Bad Medicine 9.4.19

Vegan Pizza Flavor Crust w/ 3 yr update 9.2.19

Cruel Pain Killers 9.1.19

Digress (how to make the fourth year of veganism better) 8.28.19

Vegan anniversary celebrations continued 8.25.19

3 years a vegan 8.22.19

Verified Vegan Foods 8.8.19

Vegan Journey Update II 8.6.19

Vegan Journey Update (More bad news in flour, fertilizers and vegan) 8.5.19

Jesus is a cow and the bible is literal today 8.1.19

Waiting to eat? (Flour fatality) 7.31.19

Troubling News in Progress (Flour, farms and fertilizer) 7.30.19 updated 7.31.19

Some new products to try at the beginning of General Update 7.24.19

OUCH (My Shure loyalty must be replaced by a new brand) 7.23.19

Brands that sell leather 7.16.19

Trip Cancelled 7.4.19

Mid-June Update 6.16.19

Vegan Art Supplies 6.13.19

Cruelty Free Speed Bump 6.4.19

Vegfest 2019 5.26.19

Can’t Sleep (untitled) 5.15.19

Austin 5.13.19, 5.11.19

War Continued 5.3.19

3 years a vegan in September 4.24.19

Hot Topic (Jewelry for piercings) 4.22.19

Year of the Pig (Could a vegan marry a non-vegan?)  4.20.19

Vegan Shoe Search Update 3.13.19

Appalled II  2.28.19

Vegan news flash  – Strict shopping, green claims and more. 12.7.18

Vegan shoes 10.3.18

October in deep south 10.2.18

Update late 9.10.18 – Philosophical note.

9.6.18 – Simply Juice disappointment.

The clean, healthy vegan/survival update 7.28.18

More on the vegan/cruelty free research. 7.16.18

Vegan update (vehicles and more) 7.9.18

Strict vegan – Non-dairy with U-D! and other losses. (affects several posts below and currently; updated accordingly) 7/4/18

Vegan Update 6/6/18

Update in May on respecting our dead wildlife. 5/6/18 (Updated and republished 6/18/18)

Strict Vegan Update (FDA ACT ’04) 4/8/18

New ‘survival basics’ vegan products. Also, going for cruelty free. 4/3/18 (updatable)

Commitment to Veganism A confirmed (by email) dye to use. 3/22/18

Latest Vegan News 3/18/18

NON-GMO Update with revised vegan definition 3/4/18 & 3/11/18

Vegan Foods Update 1/28/18

Blizzards and blood 1/21/18

Fuel III 1/13/18

Strict Vegan Survival Update (with a currently updated **6.11.18 list and avoid list) 1/11/18

Vegan Tattoo Ink in final note of Intro to 2018 1/7/18

Vegan Update (My new hobby of contacting food stuffs’ businesses) 12/27/17

The Eighth Day of Christmas’ Dairy-free Party 12/18/17

Vegan Cheese gets a new slang on the Sixth Day of Christmas 12/14/17

Vegan French Baking on the Third Day of Christmas 12/8/17

Holiday parties & PETA gift ideas link 12/4/17

How do you ‘treat’ your dog? 12/3/17

Vegan Hanukkah Cookies 12/3/17

Vegan Thanksgiving LinksList 11/19/17

Virtual Night Before Halloween Party (Vegan Friendly) 10/30/17

Dedicated Mix #5 (Vegan Halloween) 10/19/17

Appalled 9/27/17

One Year a Vegan + 9/15/17

Fuel II 7/5/17

Fuel 6/5/17

** =last updated