​ Mix in the Making #5

This is homework for May. It’s a long list and if I add anymore to it you won’t be able to choose. If you are doing an encore it might be easier, but I would guess someone wouldn’t use this list exclusively except for myself. Even when I am mixing from a list like this I make some impulse buys and tracks are released on the day I decided to buy and I can’t resist the freshest track sound to go along with the rest. The only section to check back on this post is the mixes section which I will be optionally updating until the next ‘Mix in the Making’. Thanks for reading and it’s exciting to share that this summer will be jam packed with way too much good music for everyone to remember it by and enough to save some to find for another year.

Artist – Title
Ummet Ozcan – Krypton
Streex – Down (feat. The Ready Set)
The Glitch Mob – Take Me With You (feat. Arama)
A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk
Vertical Church Band – Spirit of the Living God
Cole Swindell – Middle Of A Memory
Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]
Michael Ray – Get to You
Cheat Codes feat. Kiiara – Put Me Back Together
Jaytech – Song of Fire (also Song of Fire EP is considerable)
Martin Roth – Hypno Seq
Grum – Hourglass
Gent & Jawns – Track 1,2 or 3 from ‘The Meaning’ EP on Monstercat (The Meaning, Reconcile (feat. LIZ) or Champion Sound)
Merk & Kremont – Fire
From KIDZ BOP 35 – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
Empire of the Sun – On Our Way Home
Calvin Harris – My Way (offaiah remix)

From This Song is Sick‘s Chill Vol. 40
Taska Black – Dead Inside (feat. Ayelle)
Tuff Ghost – Waterslide
Triarchy – Bad Habit (feat. Skela)
Kasbo – Over You (feat. Frida Sundemo)
Whethan – Be Like You (feat. Broods)
Darci – At Least

Reviewed most selections via official SoundCloud aritist or label page (almost always cross referenced with orange and white stars and links to official accounts in grey on the right sidebar).
Those not listed on SoundCloud can be reviewed on YouTube via official verified artist page (grey check mark) or identified by VEVO branding next to artist’s name.

New Album Discovery Section

Out already (in case you forgot or missed them):
Beck – Colors EXPLICIT
Lot of new Anjunabeats releases found on iTunes (week of March 26th in Dance Pop genre section)
Teddy Killerz – Hellblade EP on EATBRAIN
A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service CLEAN Version
Miley Cyrus – Younger Now
Maroon 5 – Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)
The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy, CLEAN Version
12th Planet – Let Us Prey EP
Bakermat feat. Kiesza – Don’t Want You Back (Remixes) CLEAN Version

Alison Wonderland – Awake EXPLICIT
Snow Patrol – Wildness (Deluxe)
The Voidz – Virtue EXPLICIT
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite – No Mercy In This Land (Deluxe Edition)
Ray LaMontagne – Part of the Light

Check back through May for this updatable list:
(Vouching for these mixes)

*Miss Monique’s latest mix
songs to add to this list at *11 or 12 min. in above mix and at about 40 or 41 minutes
*Penthouse Penthouse’s Coachella Weekend 2 Travel Mix from last year.
Almost none of those track versions are available.
*The Magician’s latest live mix from Miami
*Another mix from Whipped Cream on this post. (A NEST HQ exclusive)

Update (End of March, ’18)

New ‘Mix in the Making’ will be posted in a week or so… It’s already nearly thirty tracks long with choices for a mix to complete by May 1st. I’m keeping the new album section for now and will be updating a new section like I sort of had before with mixes I have listened to and pass on to you.

Side note: Most of the stuff I approve to post isn’t normally excessively explicit unless that is what I think is needed at the time. In general I think people swear too much. Any words one uses over and over makes them loose their sting, meaning or seriousness. I guess I am guilty of this sometimes because society is numb to certain concepts. There was a song with J.Lauryn singing that sounded like she was swearing, but it was listed in the lyrics as ‘He knows how to fun me like that’. This is not proper grammar, but that is a lyrical license songwriters have to break different rules to make new meaning that isn’t tired.

Also, Ckwal’s only album is not going to iTunes in April as I updated in several posts.

Commitment to Veganism

Recently I just passed the 18 month anniversary on the journey towards being a Vegan. Yea, with my new definition it’s tough to believe anyone has achieved such a goal. To celebrate I have continued my diversion into the art of forever altering one’s appearance. Skin art number two, is a series of five symbols in Chinese possibly originating from an artist signed ‘js’. The phrase called out to me on the internet along with this track by Julian Calor on Musical Freedom. The symbols translate as said on the site as, “chinese symbol for vegan”. There are several definitions and ways to add meaning to this; I will try to explain that later in person if we get the chance. Caution: This website (no longer active) on some browsers will say ‘Danger’ or ‘Deceptive site ahead’. The most recent milestone is one of never turning back. It used to not bother me when seeing or smelling all the options of food I used to eat, but now it hurts differently. In my journey which is now at trying to be cruelty-free in everything, I found Rit Dyes is a good option for making clothes from the basic beginning. I will update when I find out more options (asking companies by email), but I knew this for a little while that almost everything on me or us may or may not have been tested on animals (at least if it was dyed) even if it was animal product free, so I knew I was behind my thinking process. If there are any new readers out there, you can catch up with the important info at this compilation page. It is also a quick link on the right sidebar. Again if you can’t go on with this information and need a place to start, by all means dive right in the deep end. I started at what I thought was vegan which is further along than vegetarian because I knew it would be too easy to fall back. This tattoo by Church Hill translates in layman’s terms on google as ‘absolutely vegetarian’ and without going into all the possible definitions, I’d say that is fair.

Similar updates at the bottom of this page.

A novel article

These are a unique blend of instagram pictures. I have only read one of these while I was in Russia. I attempted to read ‘The Idiot’ on a student’s recommendation, but couldn’t get through the beginning.

Also, an update on donations. It may be a little misleading on the link to the right bar about donations. My relationship with the red cross is growing in depth as it is a serious contribution and it isn’t always clear what I am doing on this site in borderline professional and personal ways. Here is a clearer direction from ‘The Little Black Book’ which I found at St. James Church. It is available from www.littlebooks.org . From March 18, 2018 (Fifth Sunday of Lent) it says in short:

Almsgiving all year long
Four levels of action for helping the poor:
-Helping people who are part of my own life
-Helping people who are not diretly connected to my own life
-Thinking about the causes of poverty
-By addressing the causes of poverty, the systems and structures in society which impoverish people.

‘Latest Vegan News’

I hate being obligated to share information I am pretty much drawn in to find when I already tried to tell people tactfully. Especially since I rarely confirm any actual readers of my life’s work and it seems like someone else tells everyone before I get the chance.

I found this website and there was a rather bold post about this topic I have been thinking about. The problems are “too many to confront”. If people can’t do it for themselves then why would you do it for your pets? I guess animal cruelty is the answer, but we are just as cruel to each other. Also, expanding on this topic would pretty much halt almost every activity we do everyday to really change. However, to be less hypocritical for places like animal shelters where the pet may have been abused or mistreated, why would we serve them other animals that have been killed? If anyone has an excuse for eating chicken it would be me. I was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident in Cambodia because a chicken was flying across the road. It walked as it approached the road and took off just in time to nearly collide with me before I broke and slid on the heavy antique. For awhile I thought this way. Then one day I bought some ramen on my road trip shortly before becoming vegan. I read the codes on the packaging and don’t ask me how, but it told me how my life was going to change soon.

One chicken that almost took away my life doesn’t justify eating anymore than zero. The local who walked up to me to see what happened said, “Do you believe in Jesus?” I said, “Yes.”

This is no news, so I am still dealing with good news.

April’s tracks are completed in the below post.

Mix in the Making #4

In case there is a young DJ out there ready to work on April’s mix, I’m giving these notes up early. (Additional tracks added as I do with notes below. Updates when discovered…)

BLR – EP, Pt. 2 (Labyrinth)
Miranda Lambert – Over You
Cole Swindell – You Should Be Here
The Glitch Mob – How Could This Be Wrong (feat. Tula)
Bronze Whale – Exposure
Killabyte – Wicked Ways (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Rae Sremmurd – Swang (WHIPPED CREAM Re-Whip) NOT AVAILABLE
Zedd – I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez – Reimagination by Until the Ribbon Breaks NOT AVAILABLE
Midland – Make A Little
Stefan Engblom – Pure Adrenaline (Instrumental)
Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh – ORVNGE
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – 2231 & FM Expander
Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever [4B Remix] or (Branchez & Charlie Klarsfeld Remix)
EKALI – Past Life ft. Opia
Ryan Stevenson – Eye of the Storm (feat. Gabe Real)
Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell
Lo Shea – Iterations or Peder Mannerfelt Remix
Dylan Scott – Hooked
Granger Smith – Happens Like That
CJ Solar – Airplane
Kirk Franklin – Wanna Be Happy?
Breaking Benjamin – Red Cold River
Three Days Grace – ‘I Am An Outsider’ or ‘Right Left Wrong’
No Mana – Answer Your E-mails

New Albums Out:
Moby – Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
Until The Ribbon Breaks – Until the Ribbon Breaks
Don Diablo – FUTURE (Deluxe Edition) EXPLICIT
3LAU – Ultraviolet
VENIICE – Gemini EP (feat. Alice Berg : Lost, Danyka Nadeau : Getting Closer)
Lo Shea – Iterations EP
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – 6th Element EP on Boys Noize Records

CHVRCHES – Love Is Dead
Breaking Benjamin – Ember EXPLICIT
Three Days Grace – Outsider
Owl City – Cinematic
What So Not – Not All the Beautiful Things EXPLICIT
A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant EXPLICIT
Jack White – Boarding House Reach

FYI 5.12-5.13.18

Update 3.10.18
You can listen to most of these on YouTube or Soundcloud in full, but try not to watch the video that goes with the soundtrack. Videos densensitize the listening experience and especially if choosing for a mix may distort your decision. Good songs should be able to stand alone. I got into DJing because I was originally an album type of person and still am, but for the past two months and a half I’ve had one song on my old cracked iPad.

Wisin – Prohibida (feat. Zion & Lennox)

There won’t be an encore post. Look for new track additions for April below. A few of these I found digging through what is still left from previous notes.


Sugarland – Still The Same
Positive +/- Negative (Hansol Remix) – Belocca
Green Turtle (Ambient Space Mix) – Worldtraveller
Jago Alejandro Pascua – Epica (From Armoracya’s ‘Dreams Builder 10th Potion’)
Lamyadon – Our Destiny (Original Mix) (From Armoracya’s ‘Jungle Essence 13th Potion’)
Julian Calor – You Can Have The World
Brothers Osborne – Shoot Me Straight 6:24
Of Norway – It’s You (Mogey Bootleg)
Tommy Trash & A-Trak – Lover feat. Jesse Boykins III (Hood Rich Remix)
Emmit – Modern Flame (feat. Yuna)
Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)
Bob Moses – Like it or Not (Love Thy Brother Remix) NOT AVAILABLE
ATLiens – Alchemy (Original or TYNAN Remix)
La Fuente – Capitol
Fedde Le Grand and D.O.D – Love’s Gonna Get You
Mike Williams ft. Brēzy – Don’t Hurt (Original or Pardi Remix)
Stadiumx Feat. BISHØP – The Fall

Top Gear

Speaking of shows I loved… Well I guess Jeremy Clarkson had that ‘near crossing-the-line’ sense of humor, but I thought he made the show? I haven’t seen ‘BBC’s Top Gear’ in awhile and one day I should own all the old episodes to see what happened. I guess that crew made a new show I just found out, but only on Amazon. Twitter
Jeremy Clarkson –Instagram
Richard Hammond –Instagram
James May –Instagram

Another person we can remember today in a different way is Tom Petty. Easy to take his music for granted because it was so classic. There are a lot of songs that play everywhere and you might not have thought that was him. I never really owned his albums and find it impossible to imitate that range and style of vocals.

Two links to go with this:
Futuristic cars from the Geneva Motor Show by Denver Post
Mix from NestHQ : Ducky (from 2 Years ago, it’s really unique)

Some fresh mix?

This is from a year ago. I discovered it on the NESTHQ. I can’t listen to the whole thing before I post, but I remember I liked it at the time. It’s a style some call ‘Happy Hardcore’ which you will know it’s unique sound when you listen to this mix by Darren Styles. There is a remix of Gold Skies which I liked around when I worked some events at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. A part of me is living there right now in another way later as some stuff I recently paid for was eating out of the Shell gas station via Guitar Center gift cards living from the Mission downtown.

Non-GMO Update (revised 3.11.18 with a new vegan definition)

I have known this for a little while, but was reminded today. If you are adding NON-GMO to your vegan diet as I am attempting, you can avoid looking for the flower and butterfly symbol all the time. Now you can add the Kosher/Pareve symbols. Let’s not get confused because these symbols don’t make them certified vegan. If you are not super strict with production, they provide a better chance the product is acceptable depending on the contents. Also if the food or ingredient is vegan certified, it should be NON-GMO too because many GMOs come from animals, but more realistically it is just a better probability. GMOs come from the lab which could have originated from viruses, bacteria, insects, animals or humans, however they could be from chemicals. Two reference articles on this (1,2).

Another interesting article about the new Kosher law. That law is good news for some of us, but it might make one less strict on their veganism search and circumstantially contacting companies for strictness control. Upon my research from earlier posts (which was a hobby at first that turned into a burdenous volunteer job), some companies seem to be only concerned about whether they are safe or not. This is understandable. My concern was whether companies are concealing this information or just don’t know (or won’t tell their employees who have to answer the questions for customers). Also, don’t forget about buying NON-GMO spices and even raw foods like fruits and vegetables. Remember ‘USDA Organic’ means that they have not been genetically modified as well.

Current GMO Crops and when they were introduced.

Update 3/11/18: I cannot confirm if any gmos are not tested on animals. Does any vegan verified food allow animal testing at any level? How about any company thinking they are vegan in which hasn’t been verified? I just read about vitro tests which are improving that don’t require animals. One last big concern is the dyes in our clothing. I found out last month that one dye maker doesn’t test on animals or support it, but their supplier for one of the contents does and it is required (by UK law). I think all GMOs are requiring these tests as well. Some GMO companies claim they are humane tests, but I still don’t see how they are getting permission. A real vegan product is packaged without and is without animal products or testing. As of now I cannot bother you with non-vegan spiritual concerns. I.E. Made or served by a non-vegan human or vegan of lower evolutionary status/development.

Animal Shelter Recomendations & Update

I forgot to mention these two cats…

Roman is a hunk of a character. He prowled the room when we first hung out with an impressive stride. Later Roman turned on the charm with puppy dog eyes. Just yesterday he was tapping the glass like a lion. You could probably take Roman for a walk, so hurry to the Kearney Animal Shelter to audition. Next is Curry who has been there awhile (must have snuck under the radar). Like Cajun who was almost nabbed, Curry is well behaved and under-rated in the appearance category. It’s been awhile since I had a chat with Curry, but these three were still there yesterday. Seems like with the weather getting nicer there are more companions in and out of the shelter, so see if you can get a hold on one if you are serious. Also if you want to contribute to Kearney Area Animal Shelter and don’t want to commit to a furry friend, they accept donations in all sorts of variations.

On a side note:
I’ll probably post a short ‘Mix in the Making’ list in a week, so hypothetically a mixer could have the final mix ready for April Fool’s Day. I’m delving into hobbies right now and struggling a little without my daily mix practice because after all, I was doing that for over two years! However I feel better to focus on a handful of songs (plus radio play catch-up) and the people in my life for awhile. Today I was thinking about putting an official MixList out for early summer, but still deciding how to deliver you the most concentrated content that you can value.