CKWAL Mix 2018-7

At a mix a month, we are barely caught up. One left for August and if it’s possible both in patience and other concerns, one in September with lots of other ideas in between.

Monday 30th July 2018, 10:55

Madison Mars – All They Wanna Be (Madison Mars Future Mix) [feat. Caslin]
Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down
The Magician – Love Break (feat. Hamza) Possibly explicit
Alok, Bhaskar & Jetlag Music – Bella Ciao (feat. Andre Sarate & Adolfo Celdran)
Tujamo – Body Language (feat. Miranda Glory & Haris) [Steff DaCampo Remix]
Bottai – Assioma (Extended Mix)
EDX – Anthem (Extended Mix)
Dannic – Stay (feat. INNA) [Dannic & LoaX Remix]
APEK – Upside Down (feat. Carly Paige)
Enamour – Soul Release
Marin Morris – I Could Use a Love Song

The clean, healthy vegan/survival notes


Method dish soap (Available at Target)
(Dilute with water for body uses)
They also make detergent which is cruelty-free.
Earthy clean dishes
(Available at Hy-Vee)
survival tip: both I have tested for pretty much everything. Find your cruelty-free brand. I choose alcohol-free scents or varieties.)

First response essential oils mixed with natural grapefruit seed witch hazel spray (Thayer’s). Also, drinking lots of 100% Grapefruit juice (natural antibiotic; these tips from the Natural store in Kearney, NE. Thanks Alicia.)

BAC-OUT Bathroom Cleaner
(Hy-Vee and other natural stores)

These in addition to prayer assisted healthcare.

End of July update

I recently moved to Houston and even though my life is a wreck, the first two days were some kind of dream after thirty something hours on a bus. I bought Wet’s latest album ‘Still Run’ on the way after I listened to Gordon telling his book. I needed one more album besides what I had and this one has been with me. It is one of those that makes you sad because they as a band or she as a singer are probably about to be too big to be ‘near to us’ in no time, if you know what I mean. I was thinking of words to write about it though I don’t always like to try to do that. One song reminds me of a Phil Collin’s classic that might have come on the radio when I was a younger guy and others are like new jazz standards that have never been heard. Anyways, between this one and Graffiti U, I have really felt supported in these hard times.

2018-6 Ver.2 & Ver.3

Monday 23rd July 2018, 14:59

Vera Blue – Lady Powers (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
Audeka – Ignition Coil
Dosem – Just In Time
Wild Culture – Love Myself (feat. Qveen Herby) EXPLICIT
Drake – Too Good (feat. Rihanna)
Knife Party – Begin Again
Wet – This Woman Loves You
Super8 & Tab – Seconds Away (feat. Sarah deCourcy)
Delta Heavy – I Need You
Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates
Keith Urban – Drop Top (feat. Kassi Ashton)
Elevation Worship – Do It Again (Live)

Monday 23rd July 2018, 21:26

Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates
Audeka – Combustion Chamber
Keith Urban – Horses (feat. Lindsay Ell)
Wet – Lately
Phil:osophy – Remember (play about half)
Vera Blue – Lady Powers (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
U2 – Every Breaking Wave
Dosem – Just In Time
Wild Culture – Love Myself (feat. Qveen Herby) EXPLICIT
Drake – Controlla
Hardwell, Kaaze & Jonathan Mendelsohn – We Are Legends (Extended Remix)
Knife Party – Red Dawn

CKWAL Mix 2018-6 Ver.1

I could probably do a little better version, but this one has a decent theme and feels like warming up the whole time.
Funny/serious story about Alison Wonderland. When she was passing through Chicago on the Run tour, I bought a ticket where I saw a really unique show by Tove Lo earlier that same year. The hologram on the ticket looked like some image of Jesus. I went to the show thinking of how I was going to try to get back stage to meet her. Everything outside was completely ‘wonderland’. Frightening surreal I became frozen and paranoid about being in a different dimension and having the hologram of Jesus ripped in half by the ticket taker, so I never went into the venue. I was completely sober too. Later I had to sell almost all of my CDs for around a dollar or so each and I put the whole ticket in my copy of ‘Run’ for the next listener.

Wednesday 18th July 2018, 20:35

Elevation Worship – Do It Again (Live)
Audeka – Torque Limit
Delta Heavy – I Need You
Alison Wonderland – Messiah
Carrie Underwood – See You Again
Dosem – Just In Time
Texas Time (half a line mix)
Keith Urban – Texas Time (Intro)
mix into ‘Just In Time’ and overlay immediately following at end with..
Ghastly – Black Mamba
Nicky Romero & Teamworx – Champion Sound (Extended Mix)
Super8 & Tab – Seconds Away (feat. Sarah deCourcy)
R3HAB & Lucky Date – Rip It Up (Nicky Romero Edit)
Hardwell, Kaaze & Jonathan Mendelsohn – We Are Legends (Extended Mix)
Wet – You’re Not Wrong
1788-L – Pulsar Beam
Phil:osophy – Remember

More on the vegan/cruelty free research. Read to the end for the good news.

I recently was communicating with Vegan Action from about how they can approve a product with a U-D label on it and still be vegan. You can find most of their information on their website. This I have updated along with other posts found on the vegan compilation posts page. It still brings up more discussion that many people ignore. I was searching for clarification and it didn’t take long to find support in the research, but also doesn’t take long to find misinformed websites that are full of good information. Well is it misinformation or is the problem in what companies really don’t know about their own products. Some business persons might be on an island somewhere putting their brand on something that has been compiled from outsourced parts that even the most informed customer service representative has no idea about. They don’t visit their own factory nor their partnerships’ factories. It is possible the source product is hidden behind several tiers of who knows what? So we have to make everything ourselves from the building blocks and still communicate about every part. Don’t think that reading someone’s blog and buying a pair of shoes will guarantee you have a really well loved product. If you have seen an image of a white rabbit’s hair burned down to the skin and you have a ton of income with a company without at least thoughts of how to make your company avoid this everyday, you are corrupt in some way. Especially if you have a scripted email to ‘deal’ with an email from someone like me. Another problem which has improved is customer service representations not answering all the questions you ask or failing to read what you wrote them. Is it because there is that much bad feedback?

My basic notes this morning are these:

Cruelty-free vs vegan: aren’t they the same? Some companies, websites, labels and even communications are confused or confusing. I think if a company or product isn’t 100% vegan than it isn’t cruelty-free. Read below about honey and milk to see and think about this topic. So how does this affect me living in Nebraska where they haul cows in masses in the back of prison trucks? Well, I don’t have many choices and even the vegan cereal or granola I consume every day has another variety in the same brand that has honey in the product line. There is even one with a ‘save the bees’ campaign that has honey in one of their cereals. Go figure out how this makes one sleep at night. Even when I cut out nearly everything there isn’t much left out here in the country. If it is ‘vegan approved’ then it has probably been on a machine leased by a different brand that is shared with at the minimum some dairy product and cleaned with most likely cruel cleaning products. Part of the reason is money, but not most of the time. I really think it is awareness and the fact that most people can’t start this journey. Our culture is to ingrained or even souled by demons if you are a believer to act, feel and live a certain way. That will lead me to the next vegan post on why shared machinery needs to be changed and what I think Jesus has to do with all of this battle.

Example on a website that is confusing or confused:
I recently emailed her about this because there is a list that says it is cruelty free with some that are marked 100% vegan. Well they should all be both, so unless I am reading something wrong, she has been misled.

Here is a link about how honey is not so innocent. This is stuff that just thinking about reasons why a vegan wouldn’t eat honey come to mind, but for nearly thirty something years of my life, I never thought of once. So, if you are wondering why I am blogging all the time about this it is because I feel a responsibility to share not only what I am told is the truth, but what I feel has been spoken to my soul from God. That brings up more questions to others: Why now?

Type in the google search box for example: “Is milk cruel”
Top results:

Biggest conflicts below for me personally, that if I stop buying them, I may not be eating. The bible says we can fast for up to 30 days, but there is really ‘no safe way to do this’ and it makes working very difficult to impossible. See the posts around the time when I experienced that for more information.

-Brands that say they are vegan and sell honey options
-U-D and certified vegan
Other things to consider: Parent companies, umbrella brands or mega-corporations that all OK or are required by law to test on animals. This is where we have a problem with the law.
-Shoe brands or other products that use leather products for fashion or use cruel products in them. If you don’t have a problem with it or don’t care to find out, how about a law that makes it required to tell all of us which ones are cruel and do have animal products so it is more expensive to kill or hurt than not to kill or not to hurt.

Bottom line for me in this is: I don’t know how I am going to proceed. I see long time vegans eating at restaurants with products named after the non-vegan ones and I think I would never go to one. I worked in a vegan restaurant and since becoming stricter, I probably would have been in outrage about some of the things I saw there enough to quit. In turn though I would have had to eat at local free food/soup kitchens/shelter meals etc. and given up my vegan status. The person from vegan action said on says on their website that certain ideals I hold would be more harmful then helpful to making others want to become vegan and the vegan community, but I don’t know because we are behind the times and it has taken me less than two years to catch up. So, how fast do you think our children will find out and feel betrayed or react even more strongly? I think of boycotts, picketing, mass starvations or suicides. Also, everyone loves their animals at home more than their own children or significant other sometimes, so is it because you never owned a cow you can’t give up McDonalds? I think that until there are at least 50% fast food places that are strict vegan and affordable; we are a lazy, unbelieving human race.

Besides giving up all of this stuff that I would rather not consume, buy or have on my body etc.., the good news is that with the rest of this month I am thinking of sharing some top ten lists until the end of the year along with the rest of the main mixes and possibly some different entertaining subjects. These top ten lists or approximately that number will be of my own life from being born in 1980 to now.

Top 10 lists
80s / 90s
Singer songwriters of childhood
Or pop singers / boy band / girl band
Scene changers in music ex: Weird Al
Top rock bands of high school or previous
Top oldies and classic rock
Top ten life changers in entertainment
Movies lists and other TV shows I watched growing up
Sports legends of childhood

Final Mix in the Making List

I finished most of this today and scrambling for a couple of days after the first part of the list went to pause. I’m still going to try to do nine official main mixes following the lists I wrote. Anything new I discover goes back to the vault for bonus mixes or the end of the year mix.

Encore for Mix in the Making #9

Sick Individuals – Kodi
KAAZE – I’m Coming Home (Extended Mix)
iMVD X Rodrigo Howell – Warudo
Tom Budin x Kopa – Things Change
Unity – The Bump
Selena Gomez & Marshmello – Wolves
Zonderling x Don Diablo – No Good
Stadiumx – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay
Erra – Breach
Meek Mill – Stay Woke (feat. Miguel) CLEAN version
KIDZ BOP Kids – Let Me Go from Kidz Bop 38
Nephew – Grundvold
Benjah – Lightas
The Presets – Downtown Shutdown (Nicky Night Time Remix)
Midnight Xpress – Photon
Michael Brun – Jalouzi
CHVRCHES – Miracle (Manila Killa Remix)
50 Cent – Crazy (feat. PnB Rock)
Sepalcure – Dial Your Line (feat. Kevin Hussein) [1AM Edit]
M.I.A. – P. O. W. A
Knife Party & Tim Morello – Battle Sirens (Ephward Remix)

Nichole Nordeman – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Cory Asbury – Reckless Love

Mozart – Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Minor, K. 457 (a performance by Mikhail Pletnev)

From House, Tech House, Techno Vol. 2 by Toolroom Records
Optimuss – On the Limit
Scott Forshaw & Greg Stainer – Prism
Dino Maggiorana – Aqua
Ben Remember – Lost in the Woods
Ferdinand Weber – Nobody

deadmau5 – mau5ville : Level 1
Third Eye Blind – Thanks for Everything
We the Kings – Six
FRND – Erase (Reimagined) – EP
Bakermat – Do Your Thing / Lion – Single
Booka Shade – Cut the Strings – Album Remixes 2
Max Freegrant & Miss Monique – Fgvii
The Dø – Live at l’Olympia, Paris
Chevelle – The North Corridor
SWV – Still
Avicii – Lonely Together (feat. Rita Ora) [Remixes]
Enei & Kasra – Transmitter – EP

Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog
Good Charlotte – Rx
Ruston Kelly – Dying Star

Vegan update (vehicles and more)

I was kind of avoiding this as it pertains to one of the reasons I am in debt (CDL education) and my job while trying to gain experience in it or find something else. This is an article I can start the bad news with from Huffington Post. Probably something I am missing about why things still are this way and why I am only bothered and finding out about it at 37 years old. If you are a new vegan, I wouldn’t get discouraged because things change quickly and it only strengthens your achievements unless you do ‘Breaking Bad’ so to speak. Even in some vegan restaurants you may not find such strictness with ingredient manufacturing and things like rat traps, dish soap, or restaurant cleaning brands. This stuff exists and some places may already be ahead of me on this concept. My most recent vision was a hotel with restaurant and venue built from the ground up with these ideals. Then we would have to confront other issues about what guests try to sneak into the place and what’s the word… It is in the future and technology is making anything possible.

Encore for 2018-5

2018-5 (Encore) goes with 2018-5 SEAV and this probably follows the original mix. In other news I’m working on my TV show checklist *(now unpublished as of 5.23.19). I got a tattoo of Sasuke from Naruto after buying one DVD. Today instead of getting all the tracks for the rest of my mixes, I bought Pushing Daisies, Human Target, Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ and Gordon Ramsay’s self spoken autobiography. So, I guess Gordon is going to be my company on the bus ride to Texas in twelve days with a review from Keith Urban’s latest if I can’t overplay it. SMH.

Friday 6th July 2018, 19:38

Drake – Childs Play CLEAN VERSION minus intro; starts at, “She’s at the game.”
Alison Wonderland – U Don’t Know (feat. Wayne Coyne) [Daktyl Remix]
R3HAB & Waysons – Shanghai
Phish – Waiting All Night
U2 – This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
Rusko – Mind the Gap
Axel Boy – Days Gone
Krewella – Fortune (feat. Diskord)
Mike Williams & Dastic – You & I (BVRNOUT Remix)
Knife Party – 404

CKWAL Mix 2018-5 (Encore)

I made another one that would follow one of the other editions better, but it’s overwhelming at seconds over an hour. I don’t know what it is because I cannot keep mixing these songs. There is a big, ironically unintended pause after Rusko’s song and Krewella’s track talks about Tylenol, which like most medicines, have some animal product in them.

Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 21:33

Krewella – Fortune (feat. Diskord)
R3HAB & Waysons – Shanghai
Axel Boy – Days Gone
xie – Drip EXPLICIT
Rusko- Mind the Gap
Mike Williams & Dastic – You & I (BVRNOUT Remix)
Alison Wonderland – Space
Knife Party – Reconnect
Ilan Bluestone – Guru
Seven Lions & Jason Ross – The Sirens
Radiology – Phobia (Extended Mix)
Whipped Cream & KTRL – Gray EXPLICIT