2018-2019 Bridge Mix Candidates

There are unmade mixes and just added lists. I’ll try to make some more when I get the second media player, but I have to buy the music and thinking of recording to cassette. These are the bridge list main candidates to be updated.

Cardi B – Ring (feat. Kehlani)
Dean Lewis – Be Alright
Lil Wayne – Mona Lisa (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [Radio Edit]
LL Cool J – Around the Way Girl
Wolfgang Gartner – Deja Vu
Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises (MK Remix)
Zen/it – Rêve
Alan Walker – Darkside (Afrojack & Chasner Remix)
Enrique Iglesias, Nicky Jam – El Perdón
Default – Wasting My Time
Mr. Mitch – Settle
DJDS ft. Amber Mark & Vory – I Get By (BloodPop Remix)
Handbraekes – #3 – Citroën
Cage the Elephant – Trouble
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
‘N Sync – Bye Bye Bye
Kenny Chesney – Better Boat (feat. Mindy Smith)
Rolo Green – Access Control (Club Mix)
Cosmic Gate & Jason Ross – Awaken
Usher – Burn
George Michael – One More Try
Murat Salman & Padé – Sydance
Evol Waves – Syrup
BLR – Masuria
Lil Webbie – Bad Chick feat. Trina
Becky G, Paulo Londra – Cuando Te Besé
Chris Brown – Kiss Kiss feat. T-Pain
Will Easton – 023
Shakira – When a Woman
Raymix & Juanes – Oye Mujer
Burns – Worst feat. Johnny Yukon (David Penn Remix)
Judah & the Lion – Take It All Back 2.0
Reik – Me Niego ft. Ozuna, Wisin
Romeo Santos – Imitadora
Lincoln Brewster – Let It Be Known
Dropgun – Drought ft. Nevve
Hanne Mjøen – Sounds Good To Me (SHAUN Remix)
Halsey – Without Me
Sin Bandera – Que Lloro
Enrique Iglesias – Bailando feat. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

Same as last year, there will be a bridge song and virtual host, aka man or woman of the future year. Will Smith was the man of the year and bridge song of 2018. He is starring in the upcoming Aladdin sequel and shared a lot of travels on his instagram account. Thanks for bringing us together, then and now. Also, don’t forget the countdown to this year’s bridge song was by Tiësto who is turning 50 in January of 2019.

This Press Play EP is good listening for now. Some tracks EXPLICIT

This just in…
Avril Lavigne is releasing a new album in February, 2019 called ‘Head Above Water’

Magic Tape 85 is out now. I caught up to 84 and besides the ones I posted, I really dug the ending (three tracks).

*Mix update 12.3.18 – I was able to find some of my old library tracks from Beatport and am practicing with the equipment and analyzing my old tracks and new CDs. Trying to get a practice mix in with the best of what I am still into now from this selection of over 153 songs. Bridge mix should be on schedule.

Being Human In Public

If you have heard Jessie Reyez on some pop songs via the radio you might have liked her or thought she was fabulously quirky or whatever. Listening to her latest album post on soundcloud right now and I think I underrated her because I was pissed about how she ended Calvin Harris’ last album. Reason is because it reminded me of how I loved the vibe The Beach Boys gave on some of my favorite songs as a kid. As I finished that previous sentence, track four started and suddenly it’s too explicit for me to write about. We probably wouldn’t get along well together for very long, but everybody has that these days. Most people say it is how they don’t take something or other, but if you think that thought you are taking something different instead. Thanks for the free listening.

Also, The Magician’s latest mix is out. I haven’t listened to it or the last one in full except for the first couple of tracks due to listening environment interruptions or time, so I cannot comment on them yet.

One disc

Testing out and practicing with the Numark NDX500’s capabilities. I bought Dave Matthews Band’s latest, ‘Come Tomorrow’. So far I like numbers 1,2 and 8. Through the Numark M2 it’s got a lot of drive and power.

Other updates

If you were searching for Guddi Shah based on a previous update about radio Dabang, I apologize. They are making inconvenient changes right after I made those two posts and a public praise on her bio blub via their website. The first public comment I have made in like five years after leaving the social networks. That kind of behavior is predictable though as it has been the story of my life for awhile. Chester from Linkin Park committed suicide on my birthday last year and my Poppa and friend died two days before my birthday this year when I moved to Houston. How long does it take for one’s luck to turn around? Did I trade it by writing/recording SKMillion’s ‘Luck’ album in 2011ish? Well, yesterday, to change ‘if possible’ on the last post, I bought a Numark mixer and media turntable to get practicing for the year bridge thanks to Guitar Center. I have a library of music from Owsla’s old Drip on my Berklee drive, but not much else, so I’ll be squeezing in some tunes from the latest lists along with the Karma video journey and tats to my budget.

Update: 10.23.18
This Twitter account says Guddi is on from 7am-10am. I have not verified that.
10.28.18. Is old information. She is not on then. I have contacted the radio station with no response. Some programming has improved to original quality.

Just Added Update

This post I am updating as I am writing this is going to be too full to add anymore. I may tweak the nostalgia sections, but any new tracks will be shared on a future post.

I am on my fifth tattoo since December 15th, 2017 and will probably add to it twice to sync up with these ‘just added’ updates. I originally said I was trying to get as many tattoos as mixes (9). That update I took down because it shook my world. It looks like it may close to happening. There were seven mixes plus a bridge mix in August 2018 before I had to sell my iPod. Besides that I am planning the usual end of the year mix to launch 2019 from Houston if possible.

Review all the mixes on this post since New Year’s Eve 2015-2016 which is also found within a quick link to the right sidebar.

Vegan shoes

I’m looking for new sandals and probably work shoes. I was hesitant to keep wearing the Converse All Rubber Chuck Taylor’s because they are now associated with Nike as I was going on about in a previous update. I just read they have wool in them after a customer service rep. on the Nike.com chat told me they were vegan before I bought them. Now, a new rep. told me that don’t have that update yet…
I got rid of pretty much all my socks that were associated with any company that makes shoes with leather as well. It’s pretty irritating for someone to make what they call a vegan model of a shoe and then have leather on another. There are some on REI.com that look pretty good. Also, people playing games with imitation leather like it’s really fun to see someone uncomfortable about their surroundings. To me veganism is a religion because it brought me to the mission in Chicago and back to church, but also because sometimes it keeps me alive when I think my faith is failing me. So, to play games with it really is a serious thing. You can call artists’ instruments and drivers’ cars toys on another example, but if you aren’t living for something – you are dying to something.

Continuously updated post ‘Just Added’

October in deep south

As the weather gets milder in Texas with heat, the storms get more prevalent. People from the midwest as myself remember the fall and upcoming Halloween as bitter air, Jack-o-lanterns outside and the daunting winter ahead. I have been experimenting with some recipes and the seasonal produce available. One is a great breakfast starter or snack filler that derived from trying to make a tougher, chewier sugar cookie that didn’t have to be cooled in the snow to make it solid. It is closer to a vegan pancake and has less sugar, but can be adapter to taste like a pie. There isn’t a lot of brown sugar that is non-gmo and without carmel color or whatever they add, but there is a local one I have been trying with the stone ground, certified seed flour of King Arthur (orange package).

Mapley, vegan potpancake
Stir up in this ratio (I use 1/4 cups)
1 – Brown Sugar
1 – Cane Sugar
4 – Stone ground flour (add by five-finger pinch full while kneading if necessary)
2 – Water

Knead lightly and coat with grapeseed oil. Get some crust going on high or medium high and flip to do the same. Then flip again on reduced heat and cover accordingly. Shut the heat off when it looks fairly edible and keep on the heat or remove covered to heat the inside more. It doesn’t take long, but think of these as extra thick, mapley tasting pancakes. I cook them in a medium size pot/pan which makes it tougher to flip, but you can use a tool. Poke holes with chopsticks to let the heat travel through. The edges cook well with this type of pan and it can be covered economically. A key is the flour type as this has more protein and a distinct flavor, but also helps it’s chewier final consistency. Try adding some organic Gala apples in diced chunks and only cane sugar, which gives it a pie taste, especially if cooled overnight in the fridge. (Change the ratio to 6 flour,3 sugar,3 water or combo of oil and 1 apple)

Another quick recipe to condition yourself to this holiday season while it is still hot with fluctuating temps is this salad.

Personal lunch size portion salad
Stir together with chopsticks or hand toss
1/4 head organic lettuce
Some bottled seasoned Capers in vinegar
Fresh Jalapeno with some healthy dice size
Lime Juice
Malt Vinegar
Grapeseed oil and salt
Raw small hunks of medium organic carrots
This same flavor profile is delicious with rice

Everything I look for is organic or Non-Gmo and I have been thinking most Pareve or Kosher food is Non-Gmo because that is one of the statements about their regulation some time ago. It still it difficult to find companies that aren’t using animal products somewhere in their line of products, but if I can’t find them online or in the store – then they are probably safe to use. Also, pictures or recipes on the package can be fairly telling about the product, but not always. Presentation is part of the business too, but possibly companies are politically aware of that. Imperial sugars has a statement on the back of their packages that says they sounds strict. I haven’t confirmed ‘no bone-char usage’, but if they aren’t imported from a lot of various unknown countries – then I would guess they are free from that antiquated technology. If anyone finds out otherwise, let me know.

Happy Halloween!

Continuously updated post ‘Just Added’