An introduction story to this post:  On one of my life-defining road trips from Chicagoland to New Orleans and back several years ago before deciding to get my CDL, I carried a glass head with me.  I had this since the early 2000’s when I was at Berklee College of Music.  It was given to me by an artist and glass blower I knew for a short time. The glass head or mannequin profile, from the neck up, was my company on the trip.  I bought her a wig in New Orleans.  She usually rode in the front seat.  Sometimes I swear I could see souls visiting me or appearing through the glass.  That was sometimes weird because she was like a future girlfriend I was imagining and the image was tainted somewhat with these spirits providing real visions.  I think it was to keep me from getting to attached to an object that way.  This kind of thing happens when identifying with music too if we start to have expectations about real individuals filling those unknown spaces.  I brought this glass head all the way to North Platte, Nebraska.  My car had broken down in Northern Nebraska in a different story on this blog.  On my first walk from the tow yard mechanic’s shop to downtown, I tried to carry too much and remember letting down one of my bags too quickly.  I checked and felt my heart sink when it was the one with the glass and it had settled below the padding.  I discovered the head fell on it’s nose and there were cracks leading to a hole in the middle of her face. It was my last straw in my journey this far as I felt called by God to abandon a career with CRST right after passing the refresher course to go to Denver.  I cannot describe how broken I felt inside as I threw out many belongings.  I wedged my original iPhone 5 I was attempting to repair under my foot and snapped it in half breaking it to pieces before throwing it away.  I saved the head for awhile however until I could no longer bear to look at it and destroyed her, giving up dreams to fix it piece by piece or bring it to a glass shop to restore.  These situations will make you angry or sad to give up most of your belongings.  I had given up a lot already to make it this far and had to part with stuff I said I would never.  Eventually it’s freeing and you don’t want anything to replace it.  Even a second pair of clothes.  On this subject – I recently gave up what I had defined as a gold life for myself.  Others have different meanings for this term.  I defined it in writing with Ckwal’s mission statement that I sent to a few individuals.  In my repentance I have also given up many habits, lifestyles and what-not. Many of these for a period of over five years. I will probably be changing some of this to a more balanced lifestyle. One reason is because Christ died for this perfection and striving towards it makes us suffer. If you deny yourself too much and still can’t forgive. Seek that first. So, I did see a movie. 

I went to ‘Glass’ on Monday night.  It is a thinking movie mostly set in a sort-of futuristic hospital.  There are a couple scenes in the beginning that sort of leave your mind thinking the worst at first, but then the movie never answers questions.  I think it’s missing something, but I appreciate the space.  From my perspective it didn’t attempt to change my life too much, in fact I started to think of how it was saving me in time.  The movie experience was ruined before the scene when the actor, who is like a hundred characters, gets shot.  This was the first movie I’ve seen in the theaters since Zoolander 2 in 2016 and Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. I left before it was over because although I won’t describe what happened, I couldn’t stay in the theater.  Actually before those two movies I walked out of several movies due to other patrons, bad movies or both, but I had forgotten about those experiences.  I used to stay to the end of every movie no matter what, but I let that go in Ckwal’s early years. Is it a matter of age or perspective that we experience so many inconsiderate people? Others movies I have seen during this gold period: I rented ‘Fast and the Furious 8’ and the ‘War of the Planet of the Apes’ when I was between Denver and Kearney and long before that, several from Redbox before moving out of Chicagoland – one of them being ‘Joy’.  Otherwise I avoided any moving videos except for work training at my current job to stay out of the cold when I couldn’t sleep in the shelter.  I was excited to share possibly twelve movies with readers of this blog in 2019 and in my draft of this post  I thought,  “I wont do that anymore”. As my post expanded this week I decided that would be unfair to ‘Glass’ and the cinema culture or movie industry.  I wouldn’t recommend ‘Glass’ as a first choice though there were some good messages in the movie about believing in the impossible, the need for human contact and the concept of a place the movie called ‘the light’.  How many of you already experience what you see in this movie in some sense?  I guess I was swayed to choose it because of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, but they aren’t the stars of the show.  There are some other ones in the theaters I would think might be safer, like Mary Poppins Returns or A Dog’s Way Home, but what do I know.  If I get hooked, I’ll do AMC’s three movie a week pass and become a critic while music listeners say, “What happened to his mixes – these are bogus.”  Anyways… because my gold life was traded in the previews, I decided to think about choosing those movies as a tentative plan for the first months of 2019.  I may go to more or less, like the sequel to Aladdin (5.24), but I’ll publish this preview list (one from each future month of the previews) to end this post.
2.13 Happy Death Day 2 U
3.1 Greta
4.5 Pet Semetary
5.17 John Wick 3
6.7 Marvel’s Dark Phoenix


Update 1.28.19 (Revised)

If anyone if updating to the new Gutenberg editor and WordPress 2019 theme, this may be helpful to you. I bought a theme from Themeforest very quickly after looking through many over the years. I was paying by the minute at the Fedex Office store and sped through my decisions like I was trying to escape the cliff’s edge. If you buy a new theme or not… Make sure you go to ‘Users’>’Your Profile’>’Settings’ and uncheck the box that says “Disable the visual editor when writing” in Visual Editor. This is if your plus box is greyed out and you cannot see the editor controls. You can work around this by typing in actual html code, but you will be limited and miss out on this really advanced editor. Thanks to for information on a post that found this fix. I discovered it just in time. Thanks WordPress for all the years of usage on your dashboard and themes. The last theme I had for two years and couldn’t really find a better one. I recommend 2019 for anyone starting out who doesn’t have extra funds beyond hosting and domain name. There will be more updates besides what you see here in navigating conveniences.

I’m listening to T.I.‘s latest album right now ‘Dime Trap’. Skip ‘The Weekend’. There are some other really explicit songs too, so I’ll update in a review to let you know the best singles if you can’t be bothered.

Also, my first tattoo of the year is using a font by the same company as my first tattoo. Thanks Chequered Ink for so many great choices. Chequered Ink can be found on

These tracks are compiling for possible next Mixlist choices (#2).

Promise Land – N33D
Pyrodox – Killed It
Ava Max – Sweet but Psycho
Lauren Daigle – First
Beyoncé – Party (feat. J. Cole)
Gloria Trevi – Como Yo Te Amo
No Limits – High n’ Rich
Hillsong Worship – Forever Reign
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
Puddle Of Mudd – She Hates Me



Tattoo Journey Posts

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MLK JR Houston

I watched the parade for over an hour downtown and listened to speeches on a dedicated program on the portable radio all morning and afternoon. It was very inspiring. A lot of the city was marching, dancing and driving etc. Good to see everyone. I had to escape before it was over.

11 days of January left

Ckwal is ahead of schedule and as the 2019-1 tattoo is healing, I’m thinking of more stuff to Ckwal’s agenda because I’m out of stuff to do. The tattoo looks good, but if you are a guy shaving for the first time on a leg and using the cheap plastic wrap bandage method, be prepared to take care of that for an additional week or longer. As Church Hill from Bread N’ Butter in Kearney says is that we don’t want it to heal too fast. Replace every few hours, washing with diluted Method dish soap for example, sometimes disinfecting it with rubbing alcohol. Tap dry or air dry. I experienced the ‘healing too fast’ with the Oasis logo and had to scrape off a few layers using a boar bristle brush. As a vegan I recommend Saniderm though it’s costly to add on top of Houston tattoo prices. Be sure to wrap it around to tape to itself so it stays on longer. What am I thinking of doing with Ckwal if I remain in single status? Probably do a movie of the month in theaters and dance club. I haven’t really been to the theaters or clubs since becoming a sober vegan, but since it’s a minority society of counter culturists, I should fit right in with dance parties, but butter popcorn infused air may prove more difficult. Happy MLK Jr day and keep on dreaming. My world is still changing and dreams come true. Make new ones. Just think, last year I was making leg warmers with MLK on it as one of my first sewing projects to stay warm in a homeless shelter.

*Update – Strike through text on this page are because caution must be used with these brands or methods.  Most plastic wrap is made by brands who do animal testing and many seemingly vegan-friendly brands may be ‘fake cruelty-free’.  This particular named brush is not suggested and research is recommended as many brush brands use real animal hairs.

2019 Inaugural Mix (Tiësto’s 50th Birthday)

7:43am to 9:06:45

I’ll post the notes tonight if possible. I may mix this again, but had a good celebration
this morning.

I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
All On You (If I Can See) – Bali Bandits
Mia (Extended Mix) – David Tort
Dark Sky – Dropgun
Further – Attlas
Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello) – Bazzi
Destination – Desiigner
Decipher – Mefjus
Put ‘Em Up – Hedo
Understanding the Possibility – G Jones
Spaceship (feat. Uffie) – Galantis
Bushman – Furo
Crazy (Tiësto’s Big Room Mix) (Tiësto’s Big Room Extended Mix) – Tiësto & Dzeko
Selecao (feat. Shovell) – Mark Knight
Riptide – Mark Villa
Fomento (Extended Mix) – Asco
Crash – Dino Maggiorana
Gun Control – Gianka
Bergen (Extended Mix) – Purple Haze
Colour (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) – MNEK

Tiësto’s Birthday

Probably the most world reknown DJ is turning 50 tomorrow as far as I know. I’m scrambling to complete mix one of twenty nineteen by tomorrow midnight (central time CST). At one point when I was listening to all the top podcasts, which I listed on this blog, I became angry with them. I deleted all of them and proclaimed to never listen again. My iPhone was clear of mixes I listened to sometimes three plus hours a day to exercising and hiking for around a year or more. Then within a week or so, ‘Tiësto’s Clublife’ reappeared magically on my iPhone 5, which I bought mainly to support the Clublife app at the time. I gave it one more chance and since then never gave up new music by such DJs. I eventually stopped listening to podcasts and too many mixes to make my own, but I still go back to their original tracks and labels for trustworthy selections. Thanks again and Happy 50th! May you find the energy you can’t live without.

A Picture of January

I’m updating the theme to WordPress’ default 2019 to get current with them. With my budget I am not going to get theme crazy again yet. I barely was able to get a camera (Sony DSC-W830) with a Zeiss lens built-in for a good price from Target. I said I wasn’t going to buy Sony again after my disturbing encounter with Sony Music Russia when being diverted from Sony Music Latin. I guess I forgive them if they forgive me, not only because of the ‘Karma Journey’, but because they really make the best cameras and probably other devices for my preference.

I hiked in the mud along the freeway for one photo last night at sunset, but settled on this one today even though I have mixed perceptions. It might be cliché, but ‘we’ in general pop culture have to be either cliché or ahead of our time.

Mix 1’s tracks are bought, or at least the core choices (13 of them). I may try to scrounge up a few dollars to add some from a different site, but this mix is closer to Bridge 1 from the end of 2018 and are available from Beatport. I realized there is a lot of music to catch up with that I haven’t mixed yet. I haven’t started any new lists yet.