Track notes

In the below scans, I have included some albums the main being the tracks I selected from for the surprise mix in the previous post. This may be useful if you buy Toolroom Ten, but there is more. I didn’t totally finish as you see, but this was some serious homework over the holidays at the end of 2018 that helped me stay on budget and busy.

Surprise Mix

Runner – Posij
DDu-Du DDu-Du – Blackpink
Trippin (Extended Mix) – Bora, Danny Ores
Perfect – Jordan Jay & Arena
DJ, You’ve Got My Love (Original Club Mix) – Richard Dinsdale X New Scene (feat. Ofelia) – Felix Cartal
Good Times (Original Club Mix) – Mark Knight, Funkagenda
You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix) – Florence And The Machine
Hope (Original Club Mix) – Rene Amesz, Ruell
Sax (Original Club Mix) – Mark Knight
Still The Same Man (feat. John Christian & Nilson) – Nicky Romero
No Limits (Extended Mix) – High ‘N’ Rich
Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid
Bright Lights (feat. William Cartwright) [Rockers Mix] – Die, Interface

Toolroom Ten

Toolroom Ten track notes

Update 2.25

Just when you think you have made it through the worst… An eye of the storm is a cliché phrase for when there is a break between or during a natural disaster suddenly. I have witnessed one in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I looked up into the eye of the typhoon and could see the gigantic hole in the swirl or sky directly above when I sensed the wind had died down and the downpour stop. This morning I was sure I would cancel Ckwal’s journey as I feel many times. I was sure I would change my artist name once again to bury myself and avoid the suffering I felt for what I may be taking for preparation without choice.

I sold one turntable to make an emergency payment on a credit card that I overcharged by $3.60 when I accidentally used the wrong card due to low battery on my phone buying a 3 CD Chinese dance music album in a shop in Chinatown. I have been losing faith for the first time in my life and if you trust I am telling you the truth on my blog, it is probably the hardest thing you can experience or go through. I always feel the eye of the storm from spiritual torment or real relationship unrest and usually despise it because I know it is there to usually make me buy something or lose someone important. Most of my life was like being in the eye until I was about thirty-three years old. It was never easy, but I wrote songs about depression or spirits I felt were with me as a remedy I felt was a gift from God. Now I am suspicious of those 33 years as my gifts I give almost out of spite from what feels like everything is being taken away. Anything I appreciate or value is only a tool to give up more or to feel something that needs to be databased like a pill for alien research.

To stay positive: I’ll publish my surprise mix later tonight and keep you updated on how I am going to make the next mix after seeing another movie if ‘allowed’. Two quotes that have gotten me through years of hardship consistently I present you:

As Calvin Harris once said on Twitter when I was following on the social networks, “Sometimes we didn’t know how we were going to make it, but we did.” and song lyrics from Tiësto’s mix that he may have reiterated, “How was I to know our love would grow.”

I try to give you everything on this blog not to be entertaining a lot of time, but to save someone else’s life as it has mine. You may feel like you are being robbed most of the time, but even if you lose all faith – trust I’ll try to find a solution while I am still here.


February’s ‘Movie of the Month’

Let me tell you a bit more about ‘What Men Want’. Well I looked away from many full scenes. I wouldn’t recommended it if you are sensitive to explicit stuff. I had just donated blood after a four hour bus ride and several other transportation connections. So I’ll just say that the experience was about as extreme as you get…humanistically. I was like – grossed out too. Let’s say a few good words, philosophize, then sum it up.

Taraji P. Henson was the real acting star. Of course there is feminism here, but not too typical. She could get you embarrassed or feeling totally insane and probably motivated to try harder at work or relationships because let’s face it, compromise or plain giving up is easier or truthfully what most people do. After high school some stuff is too difficult. Especially if you are sober. What people want in general is for all the problems to go away or solve themselves, while the fun part never ends! Finding your role at work, life and with your significant other is a big part, your responsibility. Fate lines people up sometimes, but from there it can be the biggest battle. Especially when humans and spirits want you apart. One great individual can change the world forever; one amazing couple is a threat to all established civilization.

Probably with a different cast this movie would have been unbearable unless you were a Vegas worker with a stellar sense of humor, but hard to say. Really the sense of humor with these performances could be like therapy as people in 2019 are mostly online and in that, don’t or can’t express themselves at work or in person. It’s dysfunction. It’s in the rules for our protection and from mistakes which keeps success a priority sometimes by accident to those habitual to doing what they are told. Proclaim this and I watch everyone running an awkward social race to catch up for a day or two and then it goes away due to uncomfortable controversy to what rules were broken, the social standards in jeopardy or laziness and the fact that somebody said ‘TMI!’, until you start squeaking the wheel.

So the message overall at the end is good and not too sappy, but as I am critical these days with the role I have been shaped in by the blog – I can imagine I’ll probably see one more movie for February cause I’m rambling for the story here to avoid the fact that it’s over the top with graphic nature and language even when having closed my eyes. The best part was probably Erykah Badu’s character and outtakes that round off the credits.

Update 2.23.19

I’m working on a surprise mix that incorporates some Toolroom house music from a huge compilation I bought from Beatport on a ‘steal of sale’ awhile ago with some of the unused tracks that I still have on the USB keys. This music I analyzed over one hundred tracks during the end of last year when I had no money for new music and found these remaining in my online Berklee drive. I got rid of so much music and files when I sold my hard drives after breaking down in Nebraska, but there were these tracks. I listened to them all, got BPMs and basic remembrances written down and marked my favorites which I will be putting together in new ways. Write you later.

Movie of the Month (preview)

I made it on time to the Red Cross blood drive and later checked in at the hostel in Deep Ellum. It’s a unique neighborhood with lots of hang out spots, bars and tattoo shops. I took a walk across this area and some nearby communities that are very European and culturally diverse like walking through different countries. In the evening I decided to venture out further to the other edge of town where I saw ‘What Men Want’ at Alamo Drafthouse. I’ll post pictures and try to write about this later. Possibly I’m too sensitive from not seeing videos in so long, but this is really explicit. The meaning of the movie is almost overshadowed by shock value. There is some impressive acting, but one if the reasons I saw it besides timing of when I showed up, was Tracy Morgan. He is barely a supporting lead even though pictured on the poster. I was a fan of ’30 Rock’ when I taught in Taiwan, but that too was a long time ago in relation to my lifestyle changes.

I’d still like to see ‘Alita’. I’m worried every movie I choose will be difficult to write about with only one a month, so I may have to see more and pick the best one. This was the first time I’ve been to a theater like Drafthouse which also serves a Vegan menu and full drink menu from your seat. I’m still too strict to eat out Vegan like this, but considering a change.

‘Mix Pieces’ A

I’ll start adding to this. I’m not necessarily making mixes from these as works separate from each other. They are guidelines with tracks appearing when I discover them or after I have written some down offline.

Andy Mineo – Friends
Danny Gokey – Haven’t Seen It Yet
Alejandro Sanz – Corazón Partío
Josh Turner – I Saw the Light (feat. Sonya Isaacs)
Maze – We Are One (feat. Frankie Beverly)
Trip Lee – Insomniac (feat. Andy Mineo)
Tiësto – Affliction (feat. Olivera)
Keanu Silva – Fine Day
PBH & Jack Shizzle – I Wanna Know You
Marshmello – Happier (feat. Bastille)
George Michael – Father Figure
Capital Kings – I Can’t Quit (feat. Reconcile)
GAWVI – Fight For Me (feat. Lecrae)
Ryan Adams – The Hardest Part
Deepend – One Thing Left To Do (feat. Hanne Mjøen)
The Him – Tell Your Friends (feat. Loote)
Curbi – Spiritual (Mriya) [feat. Brooke Tomlinson]
Biray – We Gonna Rock
KSHMR & Yves V – No Regrets (feat. Krewella)

Rusko’s EP Megarad out and’s Chill Playlist 48

Mix 2

Feb. 15th 7:51pm – 8:41pm

Perfect – Jordan Jay & Arena
Trippin (Extended Mix) – Bora, Danny Ores
Hide & Seek (Extended Mix) – Shermanology, Mr. Belt & Wezol
Kill the Beat – LOUD ABOUT US!
Baccano – Asco
Th3 One (feat. Funkz) – Lush & Simon x Carta
I N33D – Promise Land
Killed It – Pyrodox
Sweet but Psycho – Ava Max
Cualikeing – Binary
Nalakuvara – Danny Ores x MVGMVR
Runner – Posij
DDu-Du DDu-Du – Blackpink
She Hates Me (Explicit) – Puddle of Mudd
Suicidal (Explicit) [feat. Desiigner] – Diplo

Update 2.15

Mix 2 Part I is now Mix 2 (Valentines’ Edition). I am making an official Mix 2 using the power tracks base of the Valentines’ Edition and supercharging it with some more I have left. It ends differently and there is no ‘Party’ or ‘Bleeding in Love’. I’ll post notes eventually, but next week is probably too busy if I can’t make it to the library on Sunday. I’m all set for an overnight in Dallas this time next week. I also decided to stay in Houston for a year despite the worst start to a year since I was born, but positively flying by with CKWAL homework. This next mix is mostly a workout with a cool down and will use up most of the bonus tracks from last year, so I’ll need to start listening to new stuff from the feeds as I have been on CDs and last year’s finds.