2019 Summary

KEY: TB= Tiësto’s birthday, SE = Special Edition, VE = Valentines’ Edition, 2A = Two accidents version, SLNPM = Spontaneous Lucky No Practice Mix, DV = Dedicated version, SV = Shortened version (due to time), DVLE = Dedicated Version Limited Edition


1TB – I Don’t Dance to Colour Notes
1SE – Trouble to Looking Back Notes
1 – Understanding the Possibility to I Could Be the One
(No notes available)

2 VE – Party to Bleeding in Love or She Hates Me Notes
2 – Perfect to Suicidal Notes

Surprise Mix with Notes – Runner to Bright Lights

3 (Part I) – Fight For Me to The Hardest Part Notes
3 (Part II) – Don’t Nobody Want None to Haven’t Seen It Yet Notes
3 (Part III) – Dead Soon to Fire (Paris Blohm Remix) or Gravity Notes

4 (Pieces B Ending Sketch) – Vámonos (Curbi Extended Remix) to DESPUÉS QUE TE PERDÍ Notes
4 (Pieces B Beginning Sketch) 2A – bloodline to Only Want U
4 (Pieces B Beginning Sketch) – a lot to Only Want U Notes

5 (From Pieces C) – ghostin to Feel The Low (Extended Mix)
SLNPM (From Pieces C) – Saturn to Revelation

6 (From Pieces A, B, C, D & more) – Woodruff to Right Left Wrong Notes

7 (From Pieces D and one from bridge candidates) SV – Parallel Line to Ride Notes
Mix 7 – Right Left Wrong to Explode Notes
VII edit – Limitless to Ride Notes
VII DV – Limitless to Passionfruit Notes

Eight (VIII) [From Pieces E] – Delicious to Now
Eight (VIII) Power Streak Version – Deathwish to Good as You
8 – Track and mix variation notes
8 (Third/Final Version)
– Electric Pirates to In Case You Didn’t Know notes
8 (Third Version +1)
– Glitter to In Case You Didn’t Know

9 – California Girls to Softens notes
9 (New Version) – Mantra to Shining (Kiko Dub)
9 DV – Wild Wild Son to Hands on Me
9 DVLE – Untouchable to Save Today
9 DVLER – Untouchable to Hands on Me (Note edits after the mix) First Notes

Mix X (Unmade) (1 more try) – Imaginary to That Was Just Your Life

Mix 11 practice (Countdown to Edward’s 50th) – The Last Night (Comes Alive Version) to Knucle Punch Notes
Mix 11 DV – Fuga to Something I Need to Know Notes
Mix 11 (DV II) – i’m so tired to What About Me
Mix 11 (DV III) – Kinder Eyes to Failure

12 – Diamonds to Bumblebee


Just Added 2019.5 (Mix 13) – Bad Habits to The Light
Mix 14 (Practice Version) – All Of Your Heart (Modern Citizens Extended Remix) to Ostkreuz
Mix 14 (Previously ‘Ckwal’s Final Mix’ ) All Of Your Heart (Modern Citizens Extended Remix) to Odyssey
Queen City Practice Mix – Pagan, Pt. 2 to MindLove
Queen City Tattoo & Arts Festival Mix – Falling to MindLove
Other successful mixes – Falling to MindLove or Pagan, Pt. 2
Halloween Mix – Bleeding Love (The 564 Crew Remix) to St. Anger
Countdown to Thanksgiving – My Church to Really
Mix 15 – Asking For It to I Don’t Care Notes (scroll past songs)
Mix 16 – Good Things Fall Apart (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix) to Ritual (MOSKA Remix)
Combo Mix – Look In My Eyes to Mirando
Mix 17 – Millennial to Cote d’Azur
Mix 18 – 1000 Years to Felix Ano Nuevo Alternate Ending to Ave Maria (Festival Remix) Notes

Tracks below make up the final mixes above and sometimes are in order of discovered or sections of the lists are that way. Check mark means most of the songs have been used in making a complete mix above.

The Pieces: A  B  C  D  E   F  G  H  I

MixLists continued after 2019’s dedication. Some may be intended as listening lists that won’t made into a mix.

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MixList for Mix 14
MixList for Mix 15
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