Dark Phoenix

Trying to pick a winner for ‘Movie of the Month’ between this and Aladdin is challenging. They are both epic sequels so to speak. Dark Phoenix is for a different mood. I really found a lot of similarities between what I go through as Ckwal and identify with it from my experience. I recommend both and am glad this is the year I started to watch movies again. From the previews as mentioned earlier, I will write a few I’m planning to see below and a few others from websites (metacritic, IMDb, Moviefone, Rotten Tomatoes) I’m looking at now to fill in information. The Stars Wars preview said it was the last one in the series (of the nine part Skywalker saga adds Wikipedia which began in 1977). They (Disney) are however planning new movies with yet unnamed titles beginning in 2022, every other Christmas.

July 19th The Lion King
August 23rd My Spy
September 20th The Angry Birds Movie 2
October 4th Joker
November 1st Terminator : Dark Fate
December 20th Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker