Limited Edition Revised

I finally revised the Dedicated Version with a couple transition tweaks and took out ‘Tourniquet’. I also ended early with ‘Hands on Me’. This will be the last revision of the Dedicated Version or version of Mix IX. My 39th birthday is next week and I decided to reinstate the September trip which also celebrates a drummer friend’s birthday. What inspired the change? I found a plane ticket to visit my parents in Florida after one night in New Orleans. I still have to find a ticket to complete the missing leg of the journey before the bus trip home and then other arrangements to celebrate three years as a vegan. Next post I will add research I did for New Orleans. I won’t have too much time there unless I only stay a day in Florida, but it’s a good list for anyone going to New Orleans during early September or pretty much all year.

Special thanks to the dedicatee. The inspiration and focus from everything around the year bridge to now.

10:18am to 10:56am

Untouchable (feat. Aimee Dalton) [Extended Mix] – Will Sparks
Another Level – Afrojack
The Last Dancer – Armin van Buuren vs Shapov
Poison – Wheats
Switch (feat. Emmalyn) [Extended Mix] – Afrojack x Jewelz & Sparks
Voyager (Extended Mix) – Eximinds
Mantra – Bring Me The Horizon
Green Lights – NF
Hands On Me – Darius Rucker

Note changes:
‘Poison’ (-11.94) to ‘Switch’ (Skip ‘Tourniquet’)
‘Switch’ (+20) to ‘Voyager’
‘Voyager’ (-31.70) to ‘Mantra’ (Don’t cue ‘Mantra’) at previously noted time
Play ‘Green Lights’ at break in end of ‘Mantra’