Picture of the Month

The ‘Picture of the Month’ is more than one picture as it is a picture of the future. There is this apartment complex, one might call it, that overlooked a huge green area of grass. It gave off the aura of something like Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, except usually without many people. The building itself looks sort of like an art museum. Anyways I was walking away from Central Market thinking I would find something for ‘Picture of the Month’ and discovered something major had changed. A huge construction project already framed out. “Is this a remake on Joni Mitchell’s song?” I was thinking as all I saw was a big parking garage on the lower levels. You can see in the final picture what it will look like as about half of the lawn is now covered up. I don’t have a before picture unfortunately. I guess in this case financial gain and convenience we could say outweighed the apartments presence. To the left of the first picture is the William’s Tower, which is the third largest in Houston. Picture of August is a glimpse into the future of 2020 which is a visual shock at first. For businesses and workers, I have no idea.

Images lost in server transition.