Two more days

I have pen to go over the pencil with on the second to last flower. I used one needle to practice hand poke on the first practice skin. I added some details to the pony’s hair and freckles as well as scribbles in test. They are 3 round liners and it takes many stabs at it to make an impression. I thought of the movie Scream. You know if you’ve gone too far if you reach the other side of the skin and tap the table at 3mm depth. Dragoart makes them and is the name of the shop within walking distance from my apartment. I had a conversation with the owner and family, I think, who seemed to have communicated that they don’t test on animals or brand anything that wouldn’t be vegan even though they are made in China. I am pondering waiting until after the blood donation appointment in January to do a hand poke tattoo on myself, but actually don’t think it will happen as I wanted to resume donations at Red Cross after the one year from piercing restrictions. It should be good practice for needle control and some artists professionally do it like that for regular pay because they believe it’s rooted in historical tradition and looks artistic with controlled details. Site has been on and off and digital cash donations would really be helpful currently. Stay tuned for Ckwal’s resolutions.

Classic Editor Plug-in

Testing this WordPress plug-in to see if I can post. I sketched the most recent addition to pins and have two flowers remaining on the second more complex page of my drawing expedition. Plus printed out the digital pony from Deviant. I’m pretty much only drawing until I get a regular job which is making me write more on applications. There will be limited to no updates on the NYE listening list and the countdown is on to the mini-trip to Dallas on Jan. 11th and 12th. Goal is to complete the 14th and 15th blood donation units since I started. It hasn’t been easy and makes one sacrifice more than you’d expect keeping regular with it, but worth it having a guiding purpose behind the scenes of the calendar.

Afternoon update

Christmas Eve had more fireworks than the 4th and with the spring-like weather it seems far from the familiar holiday in Houston. I did travel down Westheimer towards the city and there were holiday decorations with trees. I brought the laptop to the pawnshop on the 24th as well and got about half of what I wanted for it. I even had to return to my apartment to delete the user via internet which was like going against a strong wind even though there was none. I finished the second flower drawing and think it’s the best one yet though the ball point pens are disappointing. I am looking at tattoo pens and equipment that I could get for the laptop trade, but it doesn’t look that good. Most of the affordable ones are in China and would arrive sometime in mid to late January. I received a response from Solong who said all their makeup/tattoo pens and products are animal product free (from their brand).

Quick update

If anyone is crossing their fingers for another year end mix or miracle tattoo, I just want to clarify that I am not planning on continuing the journey to be a tattoo artist at this time and next year will not be a ‘year of tattoos’ like the sequel to 2018’s first year. Financially I was not able to complete this year and cannot even say there will be another music mix until at least spring or early summer in 2020. I will continue blogging and making listening lists as well as adding new material as long as I have internet and a laptop until the end of February (or library access). I’d like to say it was my intentional choice, but it’s not even a gamble at this point. Some choices are simply not possible without cutting out necessities or responsibility (like contracts) which will lead to a more dangerous world for myself and those trying to get to me.

I added one track to the first Character’s Favorites List ever and updating the NYE listening list. Review the year. Review the tattoo journey. Review the vegan journey. Final MixList of the year (repost) below song quote.

” We’re building it up
To break it back down
We’re building it up
To burn it down
We can’t wait
To burn it to the ground ” – Linkin Park

Final Mixlist (Christmas/New Year’s 2020)

1000 Years (Robin Aristo Extended Remix) – Bingo Players
Checkmate (Extended Mix) – Lutzenhouse
White Christmas – Gwen Stefani
Perfect (feat. Haris) [Extended Mix] – Lucas & Steve
Paradise (Extended Mix) – Zerb
41 Awaken – Shishio
Everyday Is Christmas – Sia
Mercury (Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow) – Counting Crows
4 Me – Dio kuma
Merry Christmas Baby (2014 CMA Country Christmas Performance) [Live] – Hunter Hayes
Shot Clock – Ella Mai
Gipsy Threat – Ratatat
Felix Ano Nuevo – Joe Mesmar
Ave Maria (Festival Remix) – Markus Schulz

One more day till Christmas

Image lost in server transition.

This is a cute display outside of the Chinatown Fire Station from a couple of days ago. I finished the clover flower with pen and was going to post it with this, but I made one leaf’s black shading look like a Christmas tree out of error and I don’t like how it photographs.


I deleted most of the pictures of drawings. I am unsure of copyrights with free sketches for educational purposes. I have been tattooed by several artists who mentioned in my decisions previously about my own tattoos are that in general people shouldn’t get the same tattoo. I unpinned and unfavourited many selections on Pinterest and Deviant Art as well. This was in tandem with the discovery of animal testing with Redbull, but not a deciding factor. Most of the posts talking about what I was working on will still stay posted, but I am thinking of condensing the site in the New Year. This year got really personal and like a lot of the material I valued, permission to use certain things was either not required, a grey area, not known about, unavailable, nonestablished or unconfirmable. I have sent some messages to artists previously and may try to do so again in the future or research further on the websites mentioned what the usual is for that stuff. As a person of closure, I don’t know what to say about this year’s tattoo dedication. The year was successful in the idea so far, but the truth is that the piece is unfinished. I like this version of the song ‘Unlove You’ Armin van Buuren – Unlove You ( feat. Ne-Yo ) [Club Mix], but even that one doesn’t really quite capture or describe what I am feeling in seemingly intentional disarray. Everything is in order and organized like fiction yet the characters became versions of themselves and alive changing the story’s direction at times. Still being written should I argue with the stars of the plot or wonder if they are imposters?

One page three drawings

Two of these were mostly traced from a cut out and a Deviant pin text in Russian adding some dimension. The logo I took out some of the decorative lighting effects and what-not. It is imperfect as I lightly traced over the touch screen computer and formed the lines off of several. The clover flower was finished just now with pencil. These have been tremendously difficult free sketches. Each one or pair I should say is like a tragic beauty with hidden thorns of thought. In comparison they are more complex than the last page by far, but as I practice the variations, they become easier in that way. The challenge is being able to notice how you can improve or what you can fix, contrastingly erasing several times and the result does not compute. So inevitably it spawns as a variant. The bigger pedals I did not shade. If you look to the original page they are in unique colors. The black and white translations would technically just need different sized needles and shades of black and grey.

Three more days

How do ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ countdown? Would today be three french hens or four calling birds? I don’t know why I am getting into these type of things. Like anniversary gifts. It’s interesting to have a template to work off of and go searching for something meaningful for the special day. I’m not going to do that this year, just wanted to start the day off with something and put an intro to it. I’ve been getting increasingly bad nightmares as the year is ending and now they’re especially cryptic with all the job applications, emails and visits to tattoo shops and searching for powerful music. It’s difficult to comprehend the best way to stay on a good level with the mysterious readers. Last night I started on the fifth flower from the second, more colorful page of flowers after being rudely awakened. The other four I sent away which makes me feel like I’m missing something, but at least they get to travel for the holiday. Now I’m considering only drawing and mixing in connection with an image to put the concept together for next year when I am able to do so. So for example a pony might have a favorite list of songs or the list/mix inspires the image of a symbolic flower which was produced around the same time. Anyways… the reason for the season is Jesus’ birthday on the 25th and Hanukkah begins tomorrow. Good tidings to you!

NYE Listening List Updated

Drawing progress

The other day I tore up the page of 7 imaginary female profiles based around those manga eyes and one quick sketch on a reflection of myself. I think the first month of practice I recycled. I sent about fourteen Christmas cards with some of the better drawings, so I have to fill up the portfolio since I bought paper. Not long after I tore up that page, the help at Rockstar Tattoo discontinued. I may have found a volunteer to get the free tattoo, but now have no equipment, studio to do it in or practice for the piece. Ain’t that fitting? My latest two drawings below are my favorite reoccuring characters. The only ‘Winnie the Werewolf” I have now, just free sketched in pencil from a Deviant Artist AlexaWayne. Its a bit off with the movement and some proportions. The My Little Pony/Bulgarian Deer variant, now with pen. I had to adjust the hairline and made a line too bold so I blended it with the rest using shading variants in the hairstyle instead of those green and red colors. Good luck you two over the holidays! 💕